Blog fest!

I have been spending more time than usual on Twitter and reading blogs and have come across some really interesting ones. 

I have the old favourites I always go to (Ilona at Life After Money, Sue at Frugal in Suffolk, Jenny at Can’t Swing a Cat and Jane at Frugal Queen among them), but I am also currently enjoying the following:

A Frugal Family’s Blogspot
A Californian family’s journey towards financial independence.

Slummy Single Mummy
A wise and witty blog about pretty much everything, with some interesting finance stuff.

Ecothrifty Living
A lovely green blog that’s good for your health, wallet and the environment!

Much More With Less
A move from London to Suffolk and how they managed to save £9000 in 2016.

Lotty Earns

Money blogger of the year 2016. Lots of deals and written in a warm, light hearted way.

Penny Wise, Life Rich
Lots of great, cheap recipes and good advice.

There are so many interesting blogs these days you are never short of something to read. I veer towards those dealing with frugality and personal finance, as you might expect, but if I had more time I would read all sorts! 

Have you found any gems? Please share!

14 thoughts on “Blog fest!

  1. Not sure being an ‘old’ favourite is good or bad ! Thank you for the mention and for reading. My blog isn’t as frugal as it once was,although when we get back to the countryside we shall need to be very careful with our pennies

  2. There are so many blogs I enjoy, not necessarily the ‘frugal’ ones because while I enjoy some, especially those which can bring a smile to my face, I don’t always want to know 100 new ways with lentils. I know we have to watch the pennies, but sometimes we want to just read something entertaining and fun rather than downbeat – well, I know I do. And so I enjoy you own blog and Sue’s of Our Quiet Life in Suffolk, and Iloana’s, of course! She has made frugality an art form, and her blog is really fun to read, she does not moan *ad nauseam*. But also I enjoy How to be Chic blog by Fiona Ferris in New Zealand, and also Hostess of the Humble Bungalow blog in Canada and Scarlet’s blog (which has a new name, When Robins Appear) and Sam’s blog, A Coastal Plot. I am a novice to blog land, having only started my own last August, and it really is fun (although if I’m not careful, I can spend too long reading blogs and composing my own!)
    Margaret P

  3. There’s frugal and frugal. One is by choice and the other is by necessity. Actually I hate having to be frugal but I have to be. Apart from yours and Ilona’s, which I view regularly, I find many of the other frugal-type blogs rather smug. If someone can save more money in a year than I have to start with, then I find little of interest in their blogs. Telling me how to save several hundred pounds on a holiday or large purchase (which would be out of the realms of possibility in my case, anyway) doesn’t resonate at all. One recently talked about buying towels but when a ‘frugal by necessity’ person hears that they cost Twice what they would have cost in Primark, that just doesn’t help my budgeting at all. In fact, true frugality is turning the sides to middle and hemming them or buying them at a jumble sale for 20p.

    • I know exactly what you mean! I can’t relate to many of the save £40k a year and retire at 30 blogs. I am also frugal through necessity but

    • Most of the frugal blogs are just showing the writers to be smug, show offy and mean (accepting gifts and handouts readily but too mean to give anything in return). The type of person who accepts a drink in a pub but disappears when it is their turn. Or turns up at your door at mealtimes and stays for dinner on a regular basis because the household is too polite not to offer. Who asks for things rather than waits to be offered and gets given them only because the giver doesn’t want to seem rude.

      I don’t enjoy being patronised. If you have money in the bank and are reluctant to spend it or share it then that is nothing to write home about. I’m tired of being preached to by people who obviously have more than enough and for reasons known only to themselves enjoy frugality and stinginess and seem to do it for fun, while expecting brownie points for expounding their own perceived virtues.

      I can well do without ‘help’ from those setting themselves up as experts. They have little to offer apart from the obvious and sometimes they are just insulting with their silly advice. Advice such as if you are cold wrap up in extra duvets or blankets. They cost money that actual poor people don’t have (and have you seen the prices charged in most charity shops?)

      • I’m not really poor, just struggle a bit, but I found this with a book I started to read recently about financial independence – all about Spending as little as possible and saving for early retirement..great concept but I am already as frugal as can be 90% of the time and still can’t put more than 10% of my salary away. Unless my income increases dramatically I’m never going to retire very early. However there was a time when I was still married to first hubby when I wish I had read that! The money we wasted ! The book was Your Money or your Life. Same with some of the blogs you are talking about. They will be great for some people

        • I had thought my earlier comments might be a bit controversial but it seems that people agree with me! Practical advice on reducing costs is great but for most of us who log into read ‘frugal’ blogs, saving vast amounts isn’t an option. Like you Jane, I wish I had been more careful years ago!

      • I totally agree with many of the sentiments here. I would love to save 10% of my income but I save for essential like gas, electric and clothing. As a single mum, the only full time working breadwinner, its good to have some advice but also good to read blogs uplifting about life and NOT ALL about money.

  4. Hi Jane,
    Many thanks for including me in your blog list, really appreciate it. Great to get some suggestions for new blogs too, I’ve learnt so much from reading other people’s posts.
    All the best,

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