Being Busy – the next project

I like being busy and I would hate to be bored but….there are limits! I am absolutely shattered!

imageMe and Mr S spent much of what has been a beautiful weekend in the garden, digging and weeding the very overgrown flower beds and planting most of the plants we were given by his lovely neighbours. There must have been at least £100 worth there – all dug out and divided or grown from seed of cuttings.

imageAs we concentrated so much on the veg patches last year, the flower beds were sorely neglected. This year we hope to do a bit of both! It is a large garden though, and really more work than either of us have time for, but it is so lovely to get out in the fresh air.

imageWe said goodbye to our very lovely Italian student today. We were sorry to see her go as she was so easy going and friendly. She also loved Harry Potter and One Direction, so was an instant hit with my girls. 🙂 We packed her off with a full English breakfast to keep her going until she got back to Bologna. In the midst of all the busy-ness DD2 came back for a flying visit from uni so we all sat outside to eat lunch. What a treat.

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