Beauty on a Budget Revisited

In The Art of Being Gorgeous on a Budget  I touched on the subject of frugal style and beauty, so I thought I would explore this subject a little more.  I know you can spend a fortune on looking good, but I know many women who look gorgeous without breaking the bank. Just because you are frugal it doesn’t mean you have to be frumpy. Taking care of yourself makes you feel better mentally as well as physically but you don’t need a huge beauty budget. So what is the art of beauty on a budget? Here are some ideas to help you save money.

Dilute your shampoo – or give it up!

beauty on a budgetMost of us use more shampoo than they need. But it is possible to use a bit less by really soaking your hair and then using shampoo diluted with water. Some people give up washing their hair altogether. This ‘no poo’  concept has many devotees, who say giving up shampoo and all hair products leaves their hair looking better than it ever did when they piled on the chemicals. There is a very interesting article, plus details of what you can use instead if you don’t fancy giving it up immediately, here.

I save money by cutting my own hair. I have done it for myself and my daughter. Hers is so long it is easy to trim the bottom and add a layer. Mine is slightly trickier, so I keep it trimmed in between hair cuts so that I visit the hairdresser less frequently and spend less.

Very dry hair can benefit from a hot oil treatment – this really is beauty on a budget. You can buy these pretty cheaply or make them yourself for an even more budget friendly hair treat. Coconut oil is good, as is olive oil, but almost any oil will be beneficial. Just warm it gently, smooth it through your hair and wrap it in a warm towel. Leave on for about 20 minutes, then shampoo off.

Face masks

beauty on a budgetMy daughter loves a good face mask. She buys them really cheaply from places like Poundland, Home Bargains and Superdrug. However, she also makes her own. She likes this one, which is supposed to help clear spots and acne:

1 teaspoon each of oatmeal, runny honey and plain yogurt.

Just mix together and smooth over your face, avoiding the eyes. Leave on for 10-15 minutes then rinse off and use your usual moisturiser.

I prefer the non chemical home made version to the packet stuff!

There are many other DIY personal care products that you can make for yourself very cheaply.  I mentioned that you can use bicarbonate of soda to clean your teeth the other day, but you can also make a minty toothpaste with it. I have found a recipe to try here.

Boost your eyelashes

beauty on a budgetAnother beauty on a budget tip that my daughter swears by is castor oil for making her eyelashes grow. She dips an old mascara brush into a £2 bottle of the stuff and uses it most nights. I didn’t really see how this could work, but apparently it is a thing. I found an interesting article on how it works here. It also works on your scalp hair and eyebrows! Incidentally, this article also recommends castor oil as a remedy for dandruff and stretch marks.

Money Saving Expert for beauty on a budget ideas

A really great place to find cheap beauty and make up deals is  Money Saving Expert. A current deal offers a set of nail polishes for £29 from Nails Inc that would usually cost about £105, a nice gift for someone I think – or for yourself!

Use your gifts

How many times have you been given boxed sets of smellies only to stick them in the back of the cupboard and forget about them? Get them out and use them up. If you really don’t like them, then re-gift them and buy yourself something you do like with the money you save.  I always drop big hints as Christmas approaches for lovely body  butters or Lush products that I wouldn’t usually buy myself.

Drink more water

Nothing is cheaper or easier to improve your health and appearance than drinking water. Wrinkles show more on dehydrated skin and drinking lots of water flushes out toxins and improves blood flow, so your skin will look better.

Get more sleep

I am the worst for going to bed when I need to, yet I look and feel so much better if I get my 7-8 hours a night. You can get away with less foundation and concealer when you’re not hiding the bags under your eyes!

This is a big subject!! I shall return to it. What are your best tips for beauty on a budget?

9 thoughts on “Beauty on a Budget Revisited

  1. Some good tips there! I’d add to the one about using up what you have: when you think you’re at the end of a bottle or tube, cut it in half. There is often enough lotion etc. remaining for several applications. I keep a pair of scissors handy in the bathroom to make the task even easier!

  2. I’m at that age where I don’t want ‘stuff’ for birthday/Christmas presents so always ask for toiletries, that way I can usually go several months without having to buy any. Years ago I substituted bath cream for shower gel, you can buy 500 ml shower gel for £1 or 1000 ml bath cream for the same price! No brainer. I also use the bath cream as handwash and shower gel. I just decant it into the appropriate bottles. I used to wash my hair every day, now I do it every other day and haven’t noticed any difference. I only use Aldi / Lidl shampoos / conditioners and they’re fine. When I think how much I’ve wasted in the past on expensive stuff I used to buy from the hairdressers, I could weep.

  3. I’ve never been a girly girl in the sense of trying different lotions/potions or make up which I suppose in turn has saved me money. I am now 36 and totally fed up of colouring my hair every few months to cover the grey! My hair is light brown so I have highlights to stop the badger strip looking too bad!!! I’m seriously considering just letting it grow out naturally. I worry not only about the cost of colouring but also the chemicals I’m subjecting my body too! What it is to be a woman

  4. After working shifts for most of my married life I retired last October. My sleep pattern has just started to relax into something that resembles normal (8 hours). Sleep is very important to health.

  5. I had no idea that castor oil could be so useful.y eyelashes could definitely do with a boost. Will be trying that.
    I am very fussy about ingredients in toiletries and like Savannah above I am past the age where I need “stuff” for presents. My husband and children know what I like so I get given stocks of the right toiletries as gifts.
    Sleep is one area where I need improvement but I have been fighting poor sleep patterns for nearly thirty years

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