This week’s beauty bargains

I love a good deal, as you know, and this week I have been fortunate to get hold of some beauty bargains. (You might also like my posts on budget beauty  here and here.)

Freebies from the Savvy Circle

beauty bargainsA while ago I signed up with P&G’s Savvy Circle. The idea is that you can sign up for product testing of new P&G products. You receive freebies to try yourself and share with your friends. The company asks you to feed back via their blog and hopes you will spread the word on social media too.

I applied to try Pantene’s new Micellar hair care range and the products arrived yesterday. I’m always up for a freebie, but I didn’t expect such a generous package. They sent two bottles each of shampoo, conditioner and leave-in foam conditioner! Also in the parcel were some money off vouchers to pass to friends and family and some feedback forms.

I have already tried the shampoo and liquid conditioner and they seem lovely. Conditioners that leave my hair feeling greasy and heavy are a turn off but this one feels very light.  My daughter and my lodger are going to try them out too. I have signed up for two more campaigns for Bold and Olay. There is no guarantee of getting accepted for anything, so I will have to wait and see what happens.

Supermarket beauty bargains

beauty bargainsI popped into Asda after work to get a few bits and discovered a new range of makeup from George. It looks great and the prices are amazing! I needed a new mascara, rouge and concealer and bought all three. The mascara was £3 (on offer, so I bought two), the blusher – a really big pot – was £5, the small solid concealer was just £2 and the liquid concealer was £4.50. I resisted the foundation as I don’t need any, but that was on sale at an introductory price of £4.50.  I regret this now, so might pop in and buy some if I am passing. These are great prices! I haven’t tried anything properly yet so I will report back and perhaps do a review on another post. Also in the range are lipsticks, nail varnish, powder, eye pencils and shadows, etc.

I am pretty pleased with my beauty bargains. I don’t spend a fortune on cosmetics and toiletries as I can’t afford to, so freebies and low prices are the way to go.

Do you belong to any cosmetic testing organisations or any freebie sites? Has anyone else tried the George at Asda makeup range?



6 thoughts on “This week’s beauty bargains

  1. These do sound bargains, Jane. I use Charles Worthington violet shampoo and conditioner for my highlighted hair and it’s expensive but it does help stop the silvery highlights in my grey hair from going yellowy. Can’t stand bleached hair that looks like straw.
    But the makeup you show here seems worth trying although I try and make sure that the makeup I buy is free from nasties such as parabens or isn’t tested on amimals. Of course, these might be parabens-free and not tested on animals – just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean they are bad for us, does it? I don’t spend much on cosmetics, either, as what I buy tends to last because I use it sparingly. Perfume is my one weakness, ha ha!
    Margaret P

  2. Gosh, you were lucky to be selected for the Savvy research. I have applied for a few of their beauty/ household projects and heard nothing – I think the fact that you write a blog will have sent you to the top of the selection as they assume that you will use your page to comment. Good freebie if you can get it though!
    The launch of Asda’s new beauty range was featured on tv last week. I use Poundland’s powder and blusher as they were top-rated budget-buy last year, and they are really good – stay on for ages. The only problem is that they tend to sell out v quick, so it’s a bit of a hit or miss trying to get hold of your shade. Looking forward to reading your comments on the Asda makeup.

  3. Ido like a bargain, or better still a freebie but my first priority is always ingredients.
    I love Bare Minerals make up but it is pricey. For low price make up with no parabens or SLSs I have also tried Benecos products. A few chemists sell this range but it is available on line (once you have tried it and know what you want with regard to colours).

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