Be Prepared

I started my day in the local fast fit tyre place getting a new front tyre after picking up a huge nail yesterday. It needed replacing anyway so at least that has been done before the next MOT.

imageFortunately I have been putting money by for car insurance, tax and maintenance, so I wasn’t phased by the expense. I am so happy that I finally got organised to do this. I don’t have a huge emergency fund at the moment but this is something I am working on – so important if I am to avoid any credit card bills in the future.

All those years at Brownies did teach me something then. Be Prepared was the motto and this time I really was. As well as having the money to pay for my new tyre, I was prepared for the wait and took a mini flask of tea to drink whilst I was waiting. Perfect!!

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  1. Julia

    Many years ago I read a book which I think was called Debt Proof Living, by Mary Hunt in which she talked about a “Freedom Account” for these very times – expenses you know will come but just not part of your weekly/monthly budget.
    Best thing I’ve ever done. I use mine for car bills, Christmas savings, house/car insurance, and school for things like day trips, music lessons, school pictures etc, and keep the balances for each category on a spreadsheet, so I know how much is in each one! 🙂