Batten down the hatches!

imageApparently we are going to get the remains of Hurricane Bertha tomorrow, with high winds and heavy rain forecast. This is odd as today the weather was glorious.

imageI woke up really early – Sod’s law at the weekend – but it did mean that I had got all the housework done by 11.30. I took DD1 out for a driving lesson, then Mr S appeared and we got out in the garden. We gave the front a good cut back and tidy up, and planted some more of the plants we seem to be accumulating into pots, including a really nice clematis that I found in Aldi yesterday for £4.99. I had been looking for a purple one but they usually cost twice that.

imageI buy a lot of Aldi plants. You have to get them when they first arrive because they don’t look after them well, but if you get them at the right time they are excellent value. I got a few lobelia plants early in the season for a few pounds and they have looked like this for months.


I have found the best place for potting compost at the moment is Home Bargains at £3 a bag. After our work today I need to pop in there in the week and get some more.

We put everything away that might blow off in the wind and tied down a few loose plants. Let’s hope the storm isn’t too bad.

Anyone else got tips for cheap gardening?