Bargain of the week

Yesterday I said I don’t rely on yellow sticker bargains. I did, of course, take a peek in the reduced sections when I was in Sainsbury’s yesterday but there was nothing I wanted and the reductions weren’t that great. I only go in there for the cat food and my Lactofree milk anyway so trudged over to the pet aisle and was amazed to find this:

That is my idea of a yellow sticker bargain, 48 sachets of cat food for 99p! I don’t know why it was reduced so drastically. The box was a bit damaged but nothing major. I was chuffed and so were the cats!

I spent £45 for the 3 of us in Aldi for the week, which wasn’t bad at all. Last night we had a delicious chicken tray bake. I already had a pack of peppers that needed using and some olives. I adapted the recipe to use what was in the larder: green olives instead of black, dried thyme instead of fresh and balsamic vinegar instead of red wine vinegar. The chorizo in Aldi was in huge packs for almost £2.50. I bought pepperoni instead at 89p and will use some of that today. I am making paella to use up some rice. I also added a 15p can of Aldi potatoes to make it more substantial and served it with canned sweet corn. It was lovely. The original recipe is here. I got it from the BBCGood Food website, which is a great resource when you need a little inspiration.

What are you cooking this weekend? Do you adapt recipes to suit what you have or what you can afford?

4 thoughts on “Bargain of the week

  1. Well done on the cat food bargain, Jane! Maybe it was close to its use-by date, but let’s face it, it’s for moggies, and if they can eat mice I don’t suppose a use-by date will affect them too much! Seriously, it’s, well, a seriously-good bargain!
    That looks a very good recipe for a chicken tray bake and one that could be adapted – as you have done, and as I usually do with recipes – with what you have to hand, salami for chorizo for example, or dried rather than fresh herbs. Today I will be using up yesterday’s roast chicken and making a chicken curry or, if I feel up to it (rather than sitting and reading, I mean!) I will make a chicken curry and a chicken pasta bake, one of which I will freeze.
    But books call, and housework calls, and writing calls (a feature to be completed before my almost imminent deadline.)
    Margaret P

  2. We’re eating from the pantry/freezer, plus supplementing with fresh as I’m aiming to keep January under $200. We’ll have a lot of chicken and potatoes, because both are in abundance.

  3. Lol, I rarely make a recipe as directed, always improvising to make use of what I have rather than buying specific ingredients wch I might only used a teaspoon of. Oils, vinegars, herbs and spices can almost all be substituted for another. Tonight we are having smoked salmon omelettes using a large pack of smoked salmon, yellow label £2 down from £5, the last of the leeks from the garden, creamed with a bit of cheese, and potatoes.

  4. Hi Jane

    Like you I use lactofree milk. I check supermarket websites for where it’s cheapest as they all do the rounds in rotation. Morrisons is cheapest at the mo at £1 a carton. As the milk usually has a good date on, if there is a Morrison near you, it may be worth stocking up.

    Hope this helps

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