Baking day and belly ache…

lola 3I have spent the day cleaning (my usual Saturday routine). Boring but necessary. I need order or I get ratty, especially as we have our new student arriving tomorrow and I like to make a good first impression. I have had a little ‘helper’ following me around for much of the time. What a cutie! I couldn’t be without a cat.

I have also baked a fruit cake and a ginger golden syrup cake. I haven’t made them with gluten free flour this time. I saw the GP on Thursday and he would like to do a proper test to see whether or not I have coeliac’s disease. This means I need to eat gluten again for at least a month to show a true result. I don’t actually believe I am coeliac, but I suppose it is better to know for sure. I do know that I have a belly ache! It’s not agonising, but I am pretty sure it is caused by the bread I had for lunch. C’est la vie, it has to be done.Lola cutie

We have continued to measure various electrical appliances to see how much they cost to run, sinceI bought a monitor to try to get our electic bill down. It is very interesting to see what each item consumes. We are also reading the meter every night. Apparently the average UK household uses around 10 kWh a day. We are using double that!! The main culprits are definitely the plug in electric heater (this has now been put on a timer and restricted to 6 hours a day). It is very cold in DD1’s room so we need it on at least that much to stop her turning blue! I am also only using the dehumidifier for 2-3 hours a day – I have used it all day in the past to dry washing and counter our condensation issue but we can’t afford to do that. When the woodburner is installed we hope that will resolve those issues and I can dry things off in front of it when I need to.

Fresh out of the oven: ginger syrup cake

Fresh out of the oven: ginger syrup cake

I measured the washing machine today. I’m not sure if I did it correctly, but it seemed to suggest that it cost over £2 a load! I will start using the economy cycle more on this and the dishwasher from now on. I will repeat it when I do the next wash to see what the difference is.

DD1 has been looking at flats with her friend today so it is possible she will be flying the nest fairly soon. I hope she learns to manage her money pronto as she never has enough to get to the end of the month as it is. Still, she is 22 and wants to be independent and it’s only natural. That will only leave one daughter in the house! I might have to get another cat….

7 thoughts on “Baking day and belly ache…

  1. I’ve never given much thought to how much a wash costs really but possibly £2 ish…I think I’ll be hanging clothes up for another wearing instead of just throwing them in the wash every night.
    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Could you tell me more about the electric monitor you bought? How does it work? Our usage is astronomical with 7 computers running 24/7!! 😮 😮 😮

  3. Good luck with the coeliac test. I always test negative but definitely have a gluten intolerance. I know when I accidently (or deliberately) eat something as my stomach protests vigorously!!

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