Back to Reality, back to frugality!

imageSo, back to reality – we fly home this afternoon – but I will be happy to see my girls and the cats, and I have the weekend to recover before I go back to my manic Monday at work.

I have had a lovely holiday and it has made me determined to continue to be as frugal as possible and to make extra money wherever I can so that we can do it again. It won’t be soon – I will have to pay for myself next time and would like my daughters to come with us.

I travelled a lot as a young woman but very little since I have had children because of the vast cost. I have no idea how people find the money to have a family holiday abroad each year as I have rarely managed it. We haven’t gone without a holiday though; just gone for cheaper options such as house swapping and camping. The expense of flights has meant that these vacations have tended to be closer to home. We have had some excellent cheap holidays in the UK and in France, but never with guaranteed sunshine. And there is something about a sunny vacation by the sea that relaxes you – Mr Shoestring says the sound of the sea gets into your soul :-).

Back to reality, back to frugality!