Autumn at Shoestring Cottage

  There is still lots going on in the garden at Shoestring Cottage – the cosmos are beautiful, the trees are gold and red, the red hot pokers are at their best. I have tomatoes, spinach and cabbages to eat, and there is some chard coming along too. The courgettes and beans are done. 

  The pumpkins are tiny! We usually grow them from seed but this year decided to buy a couple of plants and they are rubbish! Hardly any fruit on them and what there is won’t make a Halloween lantern let alone my favourite pumpkin soup. I will have to grab a couple from the supermarket for a soup making session.


The chard needs weeding!

 Speaking of fruit, we do have apples for the first time this year which are delicious. We have had about 10 already from our two tiny trees.  I also have a bag donated by a friend so I will be making an apple cake later. I haven’t baked for ages and Mr S is feeling deprived!

I like nothing more than a walk through the woods on a sunny autumn day. I am hoping we can get out today. Mr S has been struggling with sciatica and not his usual energetic self. So that is today’s plan – apple cake and an autumn walk. How are you spending your Sunday?

3 thoughts on “Autumn at Shoestring Cottage

  1. Trying to get funeral programs printed for the morning. We had a lovely autumn walk last week that I would have loved to repeat this week but the time just isn’t available.
    You have inspired me to torture my family with many soups next month (I shop mostly monthly so menu plan monthly). Pumpkin soup, curried cauliflower soup, root vegetable soup, chicken noodle and beef stew….oh and cabbage and barley soup. I guess they can have a shepherds pie on Sundays.

  2. Nice big Sunday roast, lemon drizzle cake & a couple of hours curled up with my book…..bliss. Would be lovely if you would share the recipe for your apple cake, sounds yummy!

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