Are you in a JAM?

The JAM generation: Just About Managing

I have heard the phrase JAMs over the past few days, standing for households who are ‘Just About Managing’. Low to medium income families who are generally overlooked. Apparently the Government will bring in some measures to help such households in tomorrow’s autumn budget.

You could argue that some of the JAMs have already been negatively impacted by changes to in work benefits, so will the Government look again at that? I doubt it. I suppose  some have benefitted from the introduction of the national minimum wage, so swings and roundabouts.

Now I know why things feel so sticky here sometimes – we are JAMs! Not holding my breath for much assistance from the Government though. With this lot I think we all need to learn to help ourselves as much as we can!

Enough of politics. I have come to the conclusion that the world has generally gone mad so best  just to keep my head down!

I finally sorted DD3’s car insurance last night. I chose Adrian Flux who gave me a good deal on a policy for her as a learner driver to run along side my own policy. We will have to start the whole battle again when she passes no doubt.

A Lidl disappointing

We tried Lidl’s 3 fish roast as a possible option for Christmas dinner for my nearly vegetarian daughter (she eats fish but not meat) at the weekend. I wouldn’t recommend it. It didn’t have much fish but did have a lot of quite rich and cloying sauce. It was basically an ok tasting fish pie, but not special enough for Christmas. We will make her a posh nut roast I think!

3 thoughts on “Are you in a JAM?

  1. I heard on the news that JAMs could be about £200+ better off a year with the chancellors proposals, but with the reduced benefits cap and other cuts they will probably end up £900+ worse off! OUCH! 😮 😮

  2. I can recommend Lidl’s salmon steak in pastry at £3.99. It’s got a real salmon steak in it rather than reconstituted chunks, the puff pastry is beautiful and we found it was enough for 4 people. We certainly had two ample meals out of it.

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