Anyone fancy some money back?

I was perusing Twitter in a sleepy state this morning when I came upon a great offer: £15 cash back on a £25 spend online at Asda. As I planned to pop in somewhere tomorrow to buy my Lactofree milk and cat food I thought I might as well have a look.

I signed up with a site called Top Cash Back and clicked on the link to the Asda site to get the offer. I will pop in to collect it tomorrow so I don’t have to pay the £5 delivery charge and hopefully my cash back will appear on my Top Cash Back account soon. Chuffed!

If you are interested in this, have a look. Be quick though as it only lasts until Monday. If you click through from my link I will earn a referral fee. Then if you recommend it to your friends you will also earn the fee. It’s win-win with this one!

Click here.

I plan to have a proper examination of the Top Cash Back website as it looks excellent. You can get money back on almost everything if you go through the site: fashion, beauty, furniture, holidays and hotels, eating out and utilities. I have recommended Good Energy on this blog before. I like their green credentials and very good customer service. I notice you can get £70 cash back if you sign up with them.  Broadband deals that are worth checking out are £150 cash back on Sky bundles, £250 on the same from Virgin Media and £150 on EE.

With the vacation season fast approaching, you can also get 20% cash back on airport parking, 6% on Holiday Cruises and 4% on Disney World holidays.

As this is the first time I have used the site and I don’t have my cash back yet, I am cautiously recommending it. It looks promising though! Has anyone else used it?

9 thoughts on “Anyone fancy some money back?

  1. I have been using Top CashBack for the past year, recommended by my daughter who cashed in over £600 last year. She buys her car insurance, home insurance and holidays through the site. You still get the company’s own offers, TCB is just a filter. Log in to other online sites via TCB and anything you buy automatically earns money. I didn’t make £600 because I don’t buy as much, but I still made £180. You can retrieve your earnings in cash, paid into your bank, or in vouchers (a slightly higher rate). Can’t fault it.

  2. Just be aware that some payments are not credited to your TCB immediately. For example, Asda took 8 weeks but it’s nice to save it up

      • I was aware that it would be a while so I think it must have said so somewhere on the site. It still shows up on your account page though, but is marked as pending so you can keep at track on where you are. I bought a coffee table from a local company and the TCB account was credited next day so it must vary.

  3. I use Quidco, similar, very good, £700 cash back so far (admittedly over quite a long period) and have had broadband effectively free two years running!

  4. I’ve used Top Cashback and Quidco before it for 7/8 years and saved £100’s, mainly on insurances, without any snags until I took up the Asda offer last summer and the payment never arrived. I contacted their customer services who supposedly chased Asda but I never got it. I’ve no real complaints as this is the 1st time I’ve lost a payment.

  5. I have used top cash back for house & pet insurance & its great – the only deal that didn’t pay out was Sky Broadband!!

    Otherwise I’d fully recommend it.

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