An evening pottering

I should be out sorting the mess that is the garden but I had a busy day learning first aid today so I’m having a constructive potter around. It gets dark early too so it would be a rush! I have packaged a couple of items I sold on eBay, sorted a mass of laundry, given the kitchen a clean, stewed a load of windfall apples to go in the freezer and I am about to do a pile of ironing. After that I will do a yoga session. Gentle but busy!

Mr S is out and DD3 is at her boyfriend’s house so it is just me and the cats. I quite like having the house to myself sometimes!

Anyone else enjoying a potter?

2 thoughts on “An evening pottering

  1. I enjoy pottering or as my grandmother called is “puttering”. I find myself humming to myself as I enjoy doing little tasks that make me happy. 🙂

  2. I do enjoy pottering although I wouldn’t place a pile of ironing in that category. I have been on a ironing strike since 1999 and I have no intention to start again… EVER. If anybody wants their clothes pressed,they can do it themselves 😉

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