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If you are a regular reader you already know that I love the discount supermarkets. They save me so much money on groceries – I found I reduced my bill by about £30 a week when I started using Aldi or Lidl rather than the larger, traditional supermarkets.  That’s a saving of over £1500 a year without even trying!

However, they are also great with their special deals on various home and lifestyle products.

Gluten free

This week Aldi has done particularly well. If you or one of your family have a problem with gluten, they have a whole shelf of interesting looking deals on gluten free food, including this Betty Crocker cake mix. I am having a dinner party on Saturday and one of our guests is a coeliac so I will make that for her dessert. They had lots of other yummy looking things too. As the cashier told me, these products move fast, so be quick if you are interested.

Baby savings

Aldi also have a fantastic range of baby and nursery stuff currently. Amazing prices! A high chair for £19.99, a changing mat for £3.99, some very cute bean bags for £16.99 and reusable nappies for £9.99.

I spent £50 on the week’s shopping for the three of us. I will add cat food and Lactofree milk to this total, but I think that’s pretty good going. I bypassed the plants and garden deals. They are so good I can’t resist them and I have spent enough on the garden this month.

What about you? Have you tried the discounters yet and which do you prefer?

12 thoughts on “Amazing Aldi

  1. It certainly pays to shop around. However, caution should be our watchword on some occasions. I was in Waitrose last week and say yellow sticker tomatoes. Now, Waitrose tomatoes are usually excellent but they are expensive and so I thought, hey, yellow stick, job done … but by the next day three of them in the packet were mouldy, so no real saving at all. Yes, yellow sticker food is almost on life-support so should almost be used immediately. As we use tomatoes over the week, perhaps not the best line or approach for us personally. Also, we don’t keep tomatoes in the fridge which ruins them, but keep them on the worktop. So a lesson learned. Chose carefully the yellow sticker vegetables and fruit.

    Also, visited Asda for only the 2nd time today. We have so many supermarkets in our area we really at spoilt for choice and I thought we’d simply try it out. I wanted to stock up on flowers for the house and while the prices were quite high the quality or choice wasn’t there. A bunch of tulips had been reduced from a fiver down to a little under four pounds but the flowers weren’t in water, their leaves were beginning to yellow and the blooms looked a little wilted. I think they might’ve survived for a couple of days, but that isn’t long enough in my book. I need flowers to last a week, I want the as fresh as can be.
    Indeed, the blooms in Lidl’s are better, provided they have not been so tightly bunched that the stems have been choked and therefore don’t take up water. So far we’ve found the best places to shop are Waitrose for food and Lidl’s for cleaning products, coffee and jam.

    By the way, Waitrose did a promotion recently on Cleanology products and then I found out that they aren’t going to stock them (well, not in our branch of this supermarket) but I have found them online. I can recommend Cleanolgy household cleaning spray, it’s non toxic and is made from natural oils and smells lovely.

    You are right, shopping wisely can save a lot of money, or if not save a lot of money, at least get quality items at reasonable prices.

    • I work for Waitrose and I think I remember you saying you live in Devon. If your local branch is Torquay then I’m sure that we would give you a refund if three were mouldy the day after. If your local branch is not Torquay then it is still worth a try.

  2. We have a few locally owned stores in my area and I always shop their first, once has great prices on produce as well as great weekly deals, the other has the best prices on non food items like soap, tp plus the weekly sales…I live in Ohio, USA …I I also shop Aldis and have found some of their own brands are my favorites…every penny counts these days…

  3. If I buy any yellow sticker foods, I either use them that day or freeze them. Our local Tesco Extra doesn’t seem to have in the way of reduced food but they often have cherry tomatoes reduced, sometimes as low as 10p per pack. I buy several and cook them down with a few chilli flakes, then freeze them ready for sauce bases. Tesco Express is quite good for reductions though. I find Tesco excellent for flowers, Sainsburys ok but more expensive, and Asda quite poor.
    I use Aldi for some things but I find the fruit and veg doesn’t last very long.

    • I rarely find an issue with the fruit and veg at Aldi but I do check it all very carefully!

      • I think the problem is with the packets of tomatoes, Jane, in Waitrose, is that you can’t see them all under their label! And the loose tomatoes aren’t the lovely small vine tomatoes that we like. We don’t like huge tomatoes with hard cores that you have to cut out, that’s more of a waste of money than buying more expensive ones which are edible all the way through. But yes, I will take more care in future if I opt for yellow sticker stuff. Mea culpa!
        Margaret P

  4. The only good thing about living in town last year was being within walking distance of Aldi! I shall call in when I go to hospital next time to see if there are any GF things left as a friend is now eating GF all the time.

  5. I shop at Aldi every week and have done so for the last year. Though I am told by people who have lived in the EU and Aldi shopped that my Aldi is different and has less both interns of quantity and quality, I find their basics to be great and the savings to me, who is on a fixed income, have been terrific. The fruits and veg are good, milk and eggs are fine, household and kitchen items appear to be of the same quality as those in higher priced stores, they have good specials and better chocolate than most US supermarkets. I’m a fan.

  6. I guess individual stores in the same company vary. In Edinburgh we have 2 Waitrose large shops housed in ex Safeway shops, both depressing 1970,s buildings that stick out like a sore thumb in affluent historic areas of the city, one in Morningside one in Stockbridge. Both shops appear to be relying on reputation,.
    Whereas Morrisons have a huge shop built in local stone, have a far superior range of food, everything looks much fresher dry ice flowing over fruit veg n herbs, fishmonger ,butcher , baker, deli, barbecue grill.
    Tesco is 24 hour have widened isles and cut ranges dramatically, is truly boring.
    Aldi, lidl too out of the way , never have enough people serving. Typically 1 person 10 waiting.

  7. For 4 out of the 5 years I’ve lived where I do, Sainsburys was the only supermarket around, so I was very excited when an Aldi opened up last year.
    Sadly I’ve been totally underwhelmed by it. The range of what they carry is very limited, maybe because of the 2 aisles of household specials that I never look at anyway, and my family have turned their noses up at most of the substitutions I’d made.

    I still go in weekly for bread, sliced meat, cheese and occasionally biscuits, soap and veg, but like others I find it really doesn’t keep. One pack of tomatoes I bought on Friday were all mouldy by Monday, and still had 5 days to go on their use by date! 😮
    They only have 2 varieties of apples too! For 3 weeks running the one I usually get was out of stock.

    This summer a big Asda is opening up next door, so I’ll be trying that out, and eventually a Lidl too, so I can see my Aldi days being numbered!

  8. I made a pit stop at Aldi today. I spent $2.77 for a loaf of Italian sliced bread and two dozen eggs! Love Aldi!

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