All mucking in

The house has been chaos over the past few days – all of the girls home and making a mess, Christmas presents and wrapping paper everywhere, mountains of laundry. Just the usual then!

I have worked 6 days in a row and haven’t had time for much cleaning. So this afternoon I went into sergeant major mode and got everyone cleaning a room each plus their bedrooms. Finally it is all coming together and, if not a sense of calm, I at least feel a bit organised.

Now I need to get my head round food for Christmas Day – what to do when – complete a bit of last minute wrapping, ice the cake, make a trifle. I am working tomorrow so will leave most of it for Christmas Eve, then get the troops working to help again.

So I need to make sure that everyone helps and does their bit so that I can relax and enjoy the festivities and not get stressed out. I will start with the washing up tonight – we have all just enjoyed a yellow stickered bit of roast pork with all the trimmings so I will get them all to help clear up!