Airing my dirty laundry in public

I recently joined a Facebook forum on all things frugal, but have abandoned it already. It was popular but there wasn’t a nice ‘atmosphere’! Too much squabbling and back biting. I thought there would be lots of like minded souls but there were just lots of people who knew better.

imageAn interesting topic and the only one I got involved in was around how many times people wore their clothes before washing them. I was surprised at some of the responses amongst people claiming to be frugal folk, with many saying they wore them just once and lots of comments made about germs.

I used to sling everything in the wash bin after one wear without thinking about it. Now I rarely do that. I don’t work as a labourer, I work in an office. If I haven’t broken a sweat or spilled anything down myself I will usually wear it again. I am a very healthy person and don’t seem to suffer from all the ‘germs’ I am carrying around. The toughest part is persuading the girls to do the same, although I have nagged them out of putting things in the laundry after a few hours!

It makes perfect sense to me. If you wash clothes less frequently you save time and money on water and energy. Your clothes last longer and don’t fade so quickly. You don’t have to iron as much!

One lady even accused those of us who agreed with my view point of being ‘skanky’ and acting like tramps. A trifle unnecessary I thought!

She would have kittens here. I got out of the bath last night and DD3 jumped in! Saves on the hot water! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Airing my dirty laundry in public

  1. Penniless Veggie

    Ha! I can happily wear the same jeans and jumper for the best part of a week. Undies get changed daily, while t shirts, blouses and leggings get worn maybe twice – but I am quite messy so I always get blobs of gravy on things. I’ve no idea where this modern hysteria about ‘germs’ came from (probably paranoia inducing advertising campaigns for stuff like dettol), if I can’t smell or see the ‘germs’ then so far as I’m concerned they’re safely under control. And that goes for food stuffs too for the most part.

  2. Ruth West

    Bath water always gets used by more than one of us. After all, the family’s clothes are all washed together in the machine. Same principal as far as I’m concerned. And I’m not sure whatever anyone’s ideas on bathing/washing I’d want to fall out over it! First time I’ve ever commented but have read your blog for a while now and find what I’m reading makes sense often makes me smile. Keep up the good work.

  3. Julia

    Here here!! It used to be the norm to wear clothes a few times before washing, but today it is so easy to do the laundry that people cast their clothes in without a second thought.
    We only have “one to wear and one as a spare” for clothes that don’t need daily laundering, such as jeans, and they know I only do laundry twice a week so they’d better not throw them in the wash too quickly! 😀

  4. Gigibird

    If I don’t spill anything down me I can wear a top for 3 days as I wear baggy things so they never get sweaty… bed linen stays on for weeks – we bath everyday so I can’t see why everything needs to come off every week…I do however wash at a higher temperature – 60oc
    I think there are a lot of people who have been brainwashed about washing, how much washing powder, temperature etc…common sense is in short supply these days.

  5. Deb Brewer

    I think advertisers are responsible for this, the ‘modern’ thinking is that everything needs sterilising, and germs are the enemy. Trouble is it is killing off the good bacteria, and people are not resistant to any germs as they never come into contact with them. I am only 45, but when I was small, we only got a weekly bath and things were reworn until dirty – I don’t believe in being smelly, but if it doesn’t need it, don’t wash it!


    Does it smell?, Is it filthy revoltingly dirty? Would I be horrified to be seen in it? If the answer to those is no then it’s OK!
    Too many stupid ads for things that kill germs, do you eat clothes? I don’t remember ever hearing of anyone who had got ill from wearing a grubby pair of jeans.
    Oh, I could really get on a soap box about this. But that’s enough!

  7. Gigibird

    we share bath water – not at the same time;-) always have…I grew up with the bath water being used over and over…when I had my period or wanted to shave my legs I went second – simples

  8. Jilly H

    I completely agree and if your girls put clothes in for washing having only worn them for a few hours, try the technique my mum used on my sisters and I many years ago. Once we got to about 13/14 years of age we had to do our own ironing – that had a massive impact on the amount of laundry we produced!

  9. My debt free and frugal life

    I’ve been on these forums before and the vegetarian ones! Both the same. I was looking for support but all you get is people looking for arguments. Like you said – it seems to be who know best!

    Smell test – smell it, if it smells good wear again, if it smells bad wash it . Simples! 🙂

  10. Ivana

    I agree, too many adverts out there for us to fall for. I have been growing up in a poor household and we did exactly as you do with the laundry, the food as well as sharing the bath water, and now I am in my fifties and no germs have killed me yet. I even share the bath water with my hubby.
    I don’t see any problem with being frugal.


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