A year of celebrations

This week it was my youngest daughter’s 18th birthday.  All my children are now adults! I guess that makes me officially old. 😀

Tonight, to celebrate, she is having a dozen girlfriends over for dinner. I   am head chef, of course. I am doing a  of dips and crudités, olives, feta cheese and tortilla crisps, followed by spaghetti bolognese, with a dessert of birthday cake and fruit salad. Now that they are all 18 they can wash it down with some cava!

  The birthday cake is a deep dish of delicious chocolatey-ness made by my work colleague, Claire. When you open the box you are hit by the aroma of sugar and cocoa and it is making my mouth water as I type. Claire, being a baking genius, has surrounded it with the thinnest sheets of chocolate sprayed with edible gold. My daughter’s photo has been converted to sugar icing too. It is a masterpiece!

I know I will have a house full of shrieking and squiffy teenage girls, but I would rather that than they launch themselves on a nightclub in town. 

This year will be one of celebrations for my family, so I have a feeling I will be asking Claire to make another cake or two. I have my parents’ diamond wedding, my second daughter’s 21st, my nephew’s 21st (born within two weeks of each other) and another nephew’s 30th. 

We are a large family, busy and scattered, so it’s great to have these occasions that bring us all together.

Wish me luck – I have a busy day ahead!

7 thoughts on “A year of celebrations

  1. There was a year that included our silver wedding, finishing paying the mortgage and 18th & 21st birthdays for our children. Wonderful causes for celebration!

  2. Hope you had a really good party. We did something similar for my daughter’s 18th: good friends, nice food, and we decorated the room with some fairy lights. Lots of her friends came as a surprise and we decorated the room with fairy lights. It was very crowded (I think there was about 20 friends all squashed in around the table) in my little terraced house but a great way to spend her 18th – they all still talk about it.

  3. I hope you all had a wonderful time. And my, what a pretty daughter you have! When my son was about 12 we hadn’t really planned anything for his birthday (May 31st), so last minute I sent him off with invitations for that very afternoon. He invited all his rugby mates, the weather cooperated and, for me, playing “water twister” in the garden, made it the best birthday party we ever held. Happy days eh!

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