A waste of money

I’m talking about dry clean only clothes – what a racket! I rarely buy them, but if I pick something up that says dry clean on the label I usually ignore it. Many items are fine on a wool wash in my experience. 

I washed my daughter’s pretty but highly impractical pale pink coat tonight and this has come up good as new. I wouldn’t have attempted this if it had been a wool coat though. Some pure silk garments can’t be washed either if the fabric is very delicate, but I have found most ok. The dry cleaners in my local supermarket seems to charge at least £9 a garment. I’m not paying that! 

I have seen ladies trousers that were dry clean only – this is madness. I might wash trousers after two or three wears so that would be very expensive. Having said all that, I bought a lovely dress a few years ago for a wedding and I will eventually pay for this to be professionally cleaned as I think a wash might spoil the material. It was expensive and will last me years if I am careful. I have only worn it three times as yet so I haven’t had to dry clean it so far. I have used my steam cleaner on it instead – these are great for freshening things up. 

Do you buy dry clean only clothing? 

4 thoughts on “A waste of money

  1. I never buy anything dry clean only or even delicate (if it can’t be flung into the
    washing machine with everything else, it has no place in my wardrobe!).
    I don’t think many people do buy them much anymore – when my husband
    wanted to get a suit cleaned he had a lot of trouble finding a dry cleaner
    still around.

  2. Most dry cleaners around me are more drop off places and then the items are sent to a more centralized place for cleaning. I try to manage stains and limit the frequency but some can’t be avoided like suit jackets. Yes, better to avoid as is a huge expense.

  3. When my girlfriend & I worked in offices where casual business attire was the norm, even for clerical ranks, we pooled our work clothes together for bulk cleaning 2-3x per year, with only a few fancy holiday/party tops that had to be handled individually.

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