A walk around the allotments

We had our usual Sunday walk at the weekend. It was amazingly mild! We had wander around the local allotments, which looked remarkably well tended and productive even at this time of the year. 

 We particularly liked one allotment. Its tenant had made a fantastic effort to attract wildlife, with a living roof on the sheds and various big boxes. 

  A few folk were having a dig and a tidy and we received lots of cheery waves and smiles. That is the other great thing about having an allotment: most sites have a real sense of common purpose and community. Seeds and produce are shared, tips and advice given and received and friendships are forged.

I love my large garden but I also miss my allotment. There are long queues for most council sites nowadays, so others appreciate the opportunities an allotment can bring. Fresh produce, exercise and fresh air amongst friends. What a treat!

  We also went to the charity shop and bought 10 CDs for 99p each, so there has been lots of music in the house since. I haven’t got into the idea of streaming music yet. I’m an old fashioned girl!

The French student arrived and seems very nice and easy to chat to. The cats like him as well, always a good sign 😀.

2 thoughts on “A walk around the allotments

  1. Oh yes, allotments are very special places. I’m lucky enough to have one, and in fact around here (Bath) there are still vacant plots to be had without a waiting list at some sites. I wouldn’t be without mine – as well as being a place to grow food for myself and my family, it’s also a place for respite and solitude.
    I’m really enjoying your blog, Jayne, thank you!

  2. I loved my allotment : I had it for about 10 years. Now we’ve a large garden it is easier but I miss seeing what everyone else is doing.
    The site I was on was huge and had lots of spare plots so for anyone wanting a plot I suggest giving it a try – there might be a chance.

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