A veggie fest

I have mentioned before that I love vegetarian food, although my family need a bit of persuasion. This week, because I am trying to lose a few pounds as well as keep
to a small food budget, I am going to attempt to win them all round with a veggie fest.

courgette soupI am thinking chick pea curry, lentil ‘shepherds pie’, vegetable chilli, pasta with cheese and leeks… Instead of going straight to Aldi tomorrow I will hit the market on Friday morning and perhaps base some meals in what is on offer, and also pop into Asda to check out their reduced section later this evening.

In the meantime, all ideas for low fat inexpensive meals will be gratefully received!

imageAs I am on the late shift today, I made a bucket of courgette soup this morning. I had about 3 lbs of courgettes that we grew last year in the freezer – it was a bumper crop and we got quite sick of them in the end. I chopped up 3 onions, a head of celery and 3 potatoes – I didn’t bother peeling them, just gave them a good scrub. I sweated them off for a few minutes then added the frozen courgettes and about two litres of veg stock made from a catering sized pack I bought from Approved Foods. I think this may last me a lifetime! You need a decent stock as a base for courgette soup, or it can be quite bland. I seasoned it well and left it to bubble away for half an hour before whizzing it up in a blender. It is quite thick and delicious and cost very little to make.

So let the veg fest begin!

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