A traveller’s tale

imageI have finally managed to log into the free wifi here in beautiful Tenerife! Not sure it will happen much so thought I would get a quick blog post in.

I can’t describe how wonderfully luxurious it feels to be in a sunny piece of paradise when usually I am fighting my way through the rush hour traffic in the midst of a wet British winter at this point in the year.

Yet still, we need to watch the budget. Because one of our travelling companions has coeliac’s disease we hadn’t planned to eat out much anyway. She cannot trust that all restaurants will understand that she really can’t eat gluten and to do so would have a serious impact on her health. So we have been buying lovely fresh vegetables, meat and salad and cooking our own meals, with the aid of some Schwarz Flavour Shots she bought with her. These are great as we obviously don’t have access to all the herbs and spices we would have at home.

We have walked, eaten, swam in the pool and drunk a fair bit of cava from the supermarket so far. We will get to the beach for a swim tomorrow as Mr S loves the sea. I am making the most if it all as it is a rare treat. Back soon!