A Touch of Nostalgia

We took Mr Shoestring’s mum for a drive out in the bank holiday sunshine today. We decided to take her on a nostalgic trip back to the place in Benfleet where she lived when she was first married and where she had her three children. We went to the house and ended up chatting to the current owner, who was very nice and told us that all of the extensions and improvements that Mr S’s dad had made when he lived there before they moved 22 years ago were all still in place; even the rockery in the garden had survived.

I discovered where her waters had broken in the car park at the local shops, where Mr S learned to skateboard and where she wheeled her pram up the hill each day to get his older brother and sister from school.

It was really touching listening to their shared happy memories of times gone by.

imageWe also sat in the glorious sunshine eating sea food at Old Leigh for a while. It was pretty crowded, and full of scooters, including the splendid example above. Some vehicles just make you stop and smile, and this was one of them.

Happy days making more memories. I hope you had a lovely day and managed some sunshine where you are. Back to work and reality tomorrow! We should have more 4 day weekends!

3 thoughts on “A Touch of Nostalgia

  1. This brought back such happy memories up for me as I lived in Benfleet from 1982 – 1987 and I was extremely happy there. A Liverpool girl – we all moved down because of my husbands job. Most weekends we visited Southend or Leigh on Sea with the Children. I was only 28 when I moved there and I missed my family and my home city very much but all the locals were so friendly that we soon fitted in and over thirty years later I still have a close friend i keep in touch with regularly. Happy days!!! ps I love your blog!

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