A thrifty bank holiday weekend

Meeting a friend at Abberton Reservoir

What a lovely long weekend! We have been non-stop busy here at Shoestring Cottage, mainly in the garden, but I have enjoyed every minute.

Our neighbour chatting over the fence said they weren’t going anywhere as everything cost so much to do. We suggested a walk along the coast, which we do regularly – we are only half an hour away. He said even that would cost £20 by the time they had stopped for coffee and cake. Not the way we do it! A flask and a home made picnic costs just a few pounds to make. You can spend a lot on a day out, but you don’t have to if you can’t afford it – there is loads of free stuff to do!

Starting to look tidier …

In fact, we didn’t choose a coastal walk but had one around the local wildlife trust reserve yesterday and a five mile one today from the house to our beautiful local cemetery and back.

I also hit the boot sale again this morning and found more fantastic bargains for resale on eBay. I am still frequently amazed at what people are selling. Today I discovered a lady selling her spendthrift daughter’s clothes. Everything was £2, even a brand new and beautiful Top Shop dress and skirt, both with tags still attached, a fabulous floral Zara summer skirt and top and a gorgeous Warehouse dress in perfect condition.  I got loads of stuff so spent a few hours washing and listing some and will finish the others after work in the week.

Who needs chocolate?

We had a family roast dinner yesterday with two of the three daughters here. As I am avoiding sugar we had a fruit salad for dessert, which we all enjoyed as much as a chocolate cake 😀.

It’s great to feel we are finally on top of the garden – or getting there anyway. It is a lot of work but so nice to get outside for some fresh air and exercise.

We are completing our long weekend with a couple of glasses of wine watching the final episode of Broadchurch – what a  series! Who needs the cinema?

My weekend cost very little; in fact the money I spent at the boot sale should be an investment and make me a bit extra. A thrifty weekend in all – how was yours?

6 thoughts on “A thrifty bank holiday weekend

  1. We have had a thrifty weekend, too, Jane, not because we intended to but it’s how we tend to live. When it comes to commercially-hyped-up holidays we tend to shy away from spending, saving our money for the things which really are our workhorses, our clothes (we buy the best we can afford so that it will last, which is the best way to be with clothes, I think – I made the silly error of buying a cheap jumper recently and after one wearing it looked like a rag. Not all cheap clothes do this, but really, at my age I ought to know better) and also the big purchases, such as dishwasher and washing machine. What I can’t understand are people who don’t seem to understand that you don’t need to spend oodles of money in order to have enjoyment. When we’ve gone out for the day we have always taken a flask of coffee, sandwiches, fruit and cake. It just seems normal to us. But this was how people lived when we were young in the 1960s/1970s, with our young family, it wasn’t called “being frugal”. Don’t people own flasks these days? Don’t they know how to make sandwiches? I don’t buy canned drinks for when we go out, either. I use a clean old plastic Orange Barley Water bottle and fill it with … diluted Orange Barley Water! Simples!
    Margaret P

    • I would like to add a PS for Tuesday, today. Indeed, today we have speculated to accumulate, so spent serious money on a season tick to our local Zoo (the accumulation, so to speak, will be that we will be able to visit any time we like for the next year at no additional cost, plus a visit to the local Living Coasts, where there are penguins and other sea life creatures to see.) So, splashed out (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun) on this season ticket for the two of us but we hope to reap the benefits during the next year. A one-off ticket is so expensive we thought we’d pay extra and buy a season ticket. We hope it was a wise move!

      • We have done the same with our RHS tickets. In the past we have joined the National Trust for the same reason. It can work out very good value if you use the ticket often

        • I will make a note of the times we use our Zoo pass, and then divide the amount of times into the cost to see if at the end of the year we are on the ‘winning’ side. But really, we are treating it as a charitable gesture, it will help the animals and conservation regardless of how many times we visit, and when we do visit, I daresay we will also have a cup of coffee or buy an ice. Their ices are lovely, they are Marshfield Dairy ices and quite delicious. But that isn’t being frugal, is it! Still, we have to have some enjoyment, don’t we?
          Margaret P

  2. Your fruit salad looks tasty, though I have to admit that, even though I’d enjoy it, I’d still miss the chocolate cake!
    We usually stay close to home over bank holiday weekends. Everywhere gets so crowded and parking can be a pain.
    When we go out at other times, we take drinks and snacks though we will often buy a whippy ice cream.

    Since leaving full time work I buy very few clothes. I would rather have fewer good quality items that buy cheap ones which never seem to hold their shape. I’ve had a few excellent ebay buys.

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