A sad day

I feel quite sad this morning about the murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox. Whatever your party politics, it is quite shocking that such a bright and clever lady, with a husband and two small children, should be murdered by a right wing lunatic in the street. RIP Jo, the world is a worse place for this tragedy. The story is here.

garden 2016I cheered myself up with a walk around the garden. I love this time of year – everything is so green and lush. As ever, the garden is on the untidy side but I like it that way. I will never be someone with a perfectly neat bit of garden even if I had the time to keep it that way! I thought the silly cat was stuck on the shed roof last night, but when I moved her I found a huge stag beetle. Although they are rare generally, here in Essex we have loads of them. I always make sure we have a log pile somewhere as they like these breeding spaces.

The foxgloves look splendid right now. I planted the first few we had several years ago and now they self seed all over the place.

foxgloves1I haven’t had the chance to do anything with my Aldi plants from last week yet but will definitely get out and sort those and do some tidying up this weekend, since the weather looks more promising. Last Sunday there were torrential downpours all day so not conducive to gardening.

Football fever has taken over at work – we even had it on the TV in the office yesterday. I just can’t make myself interested. Football to me is childhood memories of my Dad hogging the TV all weekend!

stag beetleI finally joined the gym last week. We have a Sports Direct one and it is just £20 a month for gym and swim. I have been twice so far and I feel so much better for making the effort. I had got so unfit!! I am not allowing myself to go downhill at a rapid pace just because I am over 50! I will let you know how I get on. It does get rather crowded in there, so I need to find the best time to go. On the way home from work makes the most sense, but unfortunately everyone else appears to want to do the same!


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  1. I hate the cliche but what is the world coming to when in a small village a helpful and caring person cannot go about their daily business without fear of danger. Very sad indeed.

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