A purr-fect bargain

I have had a minor breakthrough in trying to spend less on cat food. I have been trying for years to get my fussy girls to enjoy anything other than the most expensive food but to little avail. The best I can do is look for deals on the fancy stuff in places like Home Bargains and buy in bulk. I decided to try some premium Coshida cat food from Lidl this week though and they love it!

At 19p a pouch as opposed to the 32p minimum I generally pay that is a great saving. However, if you own a cat you will know what they are like. As soon as I buy a big quantity they will decide they hate it! I give them biscuits too to keep their teeth clean so I bought a bag of the Lidl stuff  but haven’t tried it yet. Fingers crossed – that is around half the price of the usual brand.

I had a contact on SpareRoom.com who was supposed to come round today but she didn’t show. This was annoying (and rude!) as I had to wait in all afternoon when I could have been with Mr S helping him at his mum’s house. She is coming out of hospital today and needs a downstairs bedroom, so he has cleared and painted what was basically an unused junk room for her. It looks great!

I am taking dinner round for us all shortly anyway – I made chicken chasseur from a recipe in A Girl Called Jack.  Let’s hope she thinks it’s better than hospital food 😀.

6 thoughts on “A purr-fect bargain

  1. Oh ye gods . I live in a city. More than half of people on spare room do not arrive when they say will!. Why I set a day aside organise 30 people to view, around 20 will arrive!.xx

    • If I got 30 interested at once I would be amazed . Hope I get more interest this week as any one will be able to contact not just those who pay the early bird fees

  2. Hi – I’ve given up with trying to buy the cheapest for my cat. Too many opened and never finished bags & packets she’s turned her nose up at. I stick with the Go-cat kibbles, supplemented by Dreamies when on special offer or those supermarket own brand snack pockets. I find it works out cheaper – and better for the cat’s health – if you wean them off ‘wet food’, meat in pouches or trays. They seem to get less smelly breath and their teeth are cleaner.
    Not having bowls of chunky meat-in-jelly on the kitchen floor also means I don’t inadvertently step in them when I’m brain fogged first thing in the morning and only wearing socks on my feet!

    • Yes, Valerie, you are probably right about the dry food but my oldest girl has too few teeth left now. I should have done it earlier!

  3. Lidl dog food gourmet tray is the only thing my fussy dog will eat, and we have tried over 15 different types of dog food from all the top brand names. Some were over £1.50 a shot but she just loves Lidl! It must be very good pet food for cats and dogs.

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