A productive day

Had a day off work today as I am working tomorrow, so I thought I would start on my next two projects in the 52 Projects Challenge. One was to sort out the bathroom – the mould problem had left the ceiling stained, even though both me and Mr Shoestring had tried to scrub it off. The grout has gone brown in places and the sealant around the bath is black! Not attractive! I managed two coats of white paint on the ceiling, although the sealant and grout are jobs for another time.

bathroom 1

The other project was to pull all of the stuff I have been saving to put on Ebay out of the loft and actually list it. I listed10 items – it always takes longer than you think it will – including 3 sets of curtains that I hope will sell for a decent amount and put a few extra pounds in my Paypal account. I have more items to list to do as soon as I find some more time!


bathroom 2I also managed a super cheap shopping trip round Aldi for groceries for the week as part of the veggie fest. I bought no meat at all. The girls will be moaning I expect but they will be healthier for it and so will my bank account 🙂

Whilst I was shopping I hit a conundrum: which is best? Fresh or frozen veg? I have always loved frozen peas and I recently tried Aldi’s frozen green beans which were excellent. I was going to buy a head of broccoli at what I thought was a great price – 49p. Then I spotted 1kg of frozen broccoli at 99p and decided it would be better value. No stalks and about 3 times the amount on the fresh broccoli I am guessing. With frozen veg you get no waste either – you just put exactly what you need into the pan. I think it may be worth experimenting! Which do you prefer – fresh or frozen?



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  1. Julia

    I always buy frozen, usually from Iceland as their own brand items are usually about £1. I really can’t tell the difference between frozen and fresh unless you eat them raw!
    Like you say, you only take what you need, and nothing spoils unforgotten in the back of the fridge!

  2. Amanda

    It always takes an age to list on ebay. I use to love selling on there and the boost it made to my paypal account.
    Recently I listed a load of DS old toys on and as they sold and the buyers paid I couldn’t believe how much paypal took! It use to be a free service but not anymore! I don’t know what percentage paypal takes but it seemed very hefty to me!

  3. Baroness Prudent Spending

    Hi Jane. I have always read that unless it’s fresh from your garden (or very close by), frozen is best because it is flash frozen right after being picked. All the waiting for transport etc can have fresh losing some of its nutrients. Personally I like both but will always have frozen items ready for a quick meal. ~ Pru

  4. luxeformuchless

    I use both and have often wondered the same thing myself. I only ever buy frozen spinach (don’t ask me why) and am planning a trip to Aldi later, so think I will go for frozen brocolli. I have to say I avoid Aldi frozen peas like the plague, vile and hard no matter how long you cook them for, so I stick with Tesco or Sainsburys for those. We also get a mould problem in the ensuite but it does come off with bleach. To help prevent it we keep the window open after we shower (if poss) and always keep the door open if it’s too cold for an open window and I’ve found this really helps. I am due to list on ebay tomorrow night, hate doing it, so time consuming!

  5. Helen Graham (@hgraham33)

    I use a lot of frozen veg. Its generally cheaper, already prepared and ready to be cooked (no waste from peelings) and because its frozen so quickly after harvesting it can contain more nutrients than fresh veg that’s been sitting in the shop for days. Unlike another commentor I love frozen peas especially Aldi’s and have never had issues cooking them…probably would never eat them if I had to pod fresh ones myself, anyway.

    1. ChickenladyJane Post author

      I like the Aldi frozen peas too! I have grown them and spent a sunny afternoon podding them but it is a bit time consuming. I have also heard that frozen contains more nutrients. the only thing I have found is that it can go a bit soggy. I will see how the broccoli goes, but as things are keeping to budget is more important than eating my veg al dente 🙂

  6. lynda kling

    I tend to buy frozen as I don’t have to worry about it going bad in the fridge. But having said that, I always check to see where it was produced. If it is not from the US or Canada, it goes back. We get a lot of frozen veg from Mexico and South America (have even found them from CHINA!) And I refuse to buy them…. (I am in the US). I think your food in the UK is MUCH better..less sugar, artificial colors, non GMO, etc)…I always love walking through your grocery stores when I visit my son and family in the UK, which can be a real pain when they want to get in and out quickly, but then I am easily entertained!

  7. Dreamer

    We also have mould issues in the bathroom, it is tiny with no heating and an old metal single glazed window frame.I have to periodically repaint the ceiling and do the bleach treatment, opening the window more even on really cold days does help keep it down though.
    As for the veg, I prefer home grown but after that yellow stickered or frozen are both fine for me.


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