A positive start to 2015

kitchen messkitchen cupboardI have started my New Year’s resolutions in a most positive way. I did an hour’s yoga this morning, made a gluten free banana loaf with some black bananas destined for the food waste bin (this is still in the oven so I don’t know if it’s successful or not yet!), and cleaned out the largest of my kitchen cupboards. There were things at the back that I had forgotten I owned. Not much went to the charity shop as most of the items in there were things I will definitely use. It is a huge improvement and very cathartic. One down, 10 more to go!

All tidy!!

All tidy!!

DD1 also has a resolution. She and her best friend have decided to give up smoking. I am deighted about this and really hope they succeed. I have suspended my no spending policy just for today to buy her an e-cigarette. Anything I can do to help her break this expensive, damaging and disgusting habit I will happily do.

It is only day 3, but I have had no chocolate or alcohol, and plan to keep this up for the entire month. This should help me lose a few pounds hopefully. The weather is vile today and won’t stop raining, so no big walk. However, the forecast is for sunshine tomorrow so I shall drag Mr S and the other Shoestrings out if I can.

I have taken possession of my new microwave today, purchased for a bargain price in the sales. My old one lasted 0ver 8 years, so I got my money’s worth! It is ‘vintage’ style to go with our plans to redecorate the kitchen this year. This will be done on a shoestring, as usual.


We have DD2 and her lovely boyfriend staying at the moment, so the house is full, noisy and messy. With the exception of the latter, this is how I like it. Nothing like a bit of family chaos.

What are you up to this weekend and how is the new year going for you?

8 thoughts on “A positive start to 2015

  1. Jo

    Wow, you have made a good start! I put resolutions off until after my birthday – tomorrow!!
    Which postures would you consider to be the most beneficial for a short home yoga practice? Unfortunately I can’t afford the training ….yet!
    Thanks and Happy New Year to you,

    1. ChickenladyJane Post author

      Hi Jo – you could try these: http://shoestringcottage.wordpress.com/2013/11/17/yoga-for-an-achy-back/ as a good general yoga practice. Maybe add in some standing postures early in the practice such as standing forward bend and triangle (easy enough to Google these), a back bend such as cobra, a seated twist and maybe finish off with a seated forward bend. There are some decent books out there. I particularly like Mary Stewart’s Yoga Over Fifty – I have been using it since I was in my early 40s! It uses older models rather than being for the frail and elderly, and is a good clear book to follow with some excellent routines to work through.

  2. saraband

    Our very basic microwave was bought from Bejam (remember them?) nearly 30 years ago. I keep wishing it would die so that I could justify replacing it with a combination oven – but it just keeps going!

  3. Amanda A

    Snap! I cleaned out all my kitchen cupboards tonight as well as the drawers with good old hot soapy water!
    Weather was miserable here today up North in Cheshire so it was a good day to get the cleaning done.:(
    I’ve just finished and now rewarding myself with a sit down and cup of tea 🙂


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