A piece of paradise

The veranda by night

We slept in again today. It is so easy to relax with just the sound of  the river and the birds for company. 

…and by day

Our caravan isn’t remotely glamorous or luxurious. It is ancient and a bit tatty, but it’s comfy and has everything we need. Mr S was very dubious about the compost toilet the first time we came but truly it is excellent – much larger and less smelly than your average caravan toilet I am sure! 

Cooking in the van

Tom, the owner, has built a kind of cabin on top of the caravan to protect it from the harsh Welsh winters and also a veranda at the front. When they were renovating their cottage twenty odd years ago they actually lived in the caravan for five years!

I am not sure I would like to do that but for a short stay it couldn’t be nicer. So, another plug for Y Felin: http://www.yfelin.plus.com/.