A low maintenance kind of girl

Ok, so I’m not your stereotypical Essex girl. I don’t bother with fake tan (who wants to be orange?), I don’t wear loads of makeup – although I always wear some; I don’t want to frighten the neighbours after all – and  I have never worn false nails or eyelashes.

However, I have always looked after my skin. At the age of 50 I am glad I made the effort to keep the wrinkles at bay. I use a moisturiser morning and evening and don’t go out in the sun without suncream.

I don’t have lots of different products; I just can’t afford them. I refuse to believe all of the expensive advertising  which uses pseudo science to persuade the gullible to part with large amounts of cash in the vain hope that they will ever look like the models in the adverts. You either look like Kate moss or you don’t. No amount of  expensively packaged anti wrinkle cream or glossy lipstick is going to change that.

My current best buy is Aldi night cream (the one with the blue lid if you are interested). This costs £1.99 and is as good if not better than more expensive and well known brands I have purchased in the past. I buy cleanser from Boots currently. The one I am using is good and cost £2.99. I get cotton pads in Aldi too as they are only 99p for two packs. Most of my makeup comes from Boots – I think their points system is really good and I can pop into the large one on the edge of town on my way home from work. I only buy what I wear every day plus a few extras for special occasions. What’s the point of owning masses of makeup if it never gets used?

I am happy to be a low maintenance kind of girl, especially if it saves me money 🙂

0 thoughts on “A low maintenance kind of girl

  1. Gigibird

    My current go to face cream is Astral – 50ml for 61p from Superdrug…my skin is very dry at present and I thought I had nothing to lose trying it – it’s very good but probably for a slightly mature skin… what is good for one isn’t always going to suit another but I was very pleasantly surprised.

  2. Dianne

    I’m a 50 something too and, would you believe it, my skin still breaks out in zits from time to time. Lots of moisturisers are too heavy for me but I’ve finally found a keeper (Paula’s Choice). Problem is it’s only available on line so it’s not the cheapest when you factor in postage costs but it’s worth it and a bonus is that it’s not animal tested.
    Recently found your blog and love it.

  3. gill

    Yes I’m the same, I’m 53 and have always moisturised. I have day cream,night cream and body lotion and use them up, scraping the last of the cream out of the pot before buying a new one. (I only buy whatever’s on offer, haven’t tried the Aldi one yet). Make up I’ve had for years, I wear it every day, and despite the advice from “experts” to dispose of it regularly it’s never done me any harm! Mascara I do replace every six months or so but only ‘cos it dries out eventually.
    I’m shocked at how much some people spend on beauty products, I just can’t afford to but even if I could I don’t think I’d be wasting my money on expensive products.
    I’m enjoying your blog which I discovered recently.