A lot of gardening and spot of retail therapy

  The weather has been a mixed bag recently – sunshine and April showers! I am typing this on my phone drinking a cup of tea in Asda waiting to head to the hospital for a routine appointment and it is pouring! Luckily the sun shone on Sunday and we had a great day in the garden. 

  Mr S was super productive and cleared out the potting shed and the hundreds of pots that had built up between it and the greenhouse. He found some interesting wildlife on the way. It was full of big spiders so I was happy he decided to do it rather than leaving it to me!

  I dug over and prepared the veg patch so that I could get some seeds in – leeks, carrots, beetroot and spinach went straight in the ground. I also sowed courgettes, runner beans, sorrel and parsley in pots. The seeds I planted a few weeks ago are doing well and we should hopefully have a cracking crop of cucumbers, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts and salads.

  We found time to go to the charity shop over the weekend as well. I bought a ‘frugal’ cookbook by Jamie Oliver. I doubt he is as penny pinching as me but I might get some inspiration. I noticed a lot of lamb recipes – I rarely buy this as it is far too expensive – but I haven’t had time to look through properly yet. My haul cost a fiver – that’s my sort of retail therapy!

Right, off to brave the rain. Happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “A lot of gardening and spot of retail therapy

  1. I have that book of Jamie’s. I love it!! I have made so many things out of it such as chapatis, aubergine daal, squash houous, chicken and choritzo paella, fish tikka curry, piadina is just fantastic for quick bread and you must try the bbq baked beans and smashed sweet potatoes! Sorry to go on but such a great book. You have reminded me now to cook something out of it very soon!x I’m looking for a proper glass lemon squeezer. I saw a proper milk boiler glass thing the other day but I don’tjthink I would use it.

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