A little bit of kindness

I have pretty much missed it, but this was Random Acts of Kindness week (find out more here.) I love the concept of a random act of kindness; dropping some money into a homeless person’s begging bowl, paying for someone’s shopping when they are standing at the till and realise they don’t have enough, making a neighbour a casserole when they have been in hospital maybe, or anonymously buying all the chocolate in a cancer hospital vending machine and leaving it for staff and patients with a note to help themselves. It makes you feel good about yourself as well as the person or people you are being kind to. 

I once embarrassed my kids by buying a sandwich for an old guy who was rifling through the bins for food. They initially thought it was none of my business but in the end they were quite proud of me 😀. I also slipped a tenner in an envelope and sent it anonymously to a dad I has been speaking to on the phone at work who had no money to buy food for his family. It wouldn’t buy much or be life changing but I thought it would get them a couple of meals.

At the moment the world seems like a hard, uncaring place. People and politicians want to shut the doors on refugees from war torn countries, build a wall to keep out immigrants, cut disability benefits and look after their own interests. They say others should learn to stand on their own two feet, even it they have no shoes to wear on those feet. This pervasive lack of kindness can easily become the norm. I hope the tide starts to turn back the other way. 

Small random acts of kindness don’t have to cost anything. Noticing that someone is lost and showing them where they need to go, spending time on the phone to a bereaved friend, helping a lady off the floor when she has tripped, dusting her off and giving her a bit of moral support, just being thoughtful rather than turning your back and walking away can only serve to make the world a better place.

It reminds me also that it is important to be kind to ourselves. How many times a day do we tell ourselves and others that we are silly? I have resolved to be a bit kinder to myself and everyone else starting now 😀.

Have you carried out or witnessed any heartwarming acts of kindness  lately? Share the love!

9 thoughts on “A little bit of kindness

  1. I love random acts of kindness although I’d no idea there was a special week for this. A year ago I made a resolution to try and do something kind each day. This might just be passing on a voucher to the next person in a queue if I can’t use it or don’t need it, and certainly handing things in regularly to a charity shop and not selling it instead on eBay (I’ve never bought or sold on eBay as it looks such a performance, but obviously people do this otherwise it would be the success that it is.) I also give money by Standing Order every month to three charities and never pass by a collecting tin. But these aren’t exactly random, are they? I sent a book to a friend last week, out of the blue, but the funny thing was, at the same time she sent me some hand lotion! Great minds think alike, eh? I also put something in the Food Bank container in the supermarket, and not just bargain basement stuff, but sometimes things like shampoo and toothpaste as these are required just as much as food is required.
    Margaret P

  2. A co-worker was diagnosed with diabetes. While she was in the hospital, I worked her shift. I clocked in and out on her time card so she got paid. I volunteered, for seven years, delivering meals for seniors. When our children were young, I urged them to do something kind for someone and share it at the dinner table. So, our family has been doing this for many years. I tend to believe that we should be doing these things with no expectations; we should be doing it just because it needs to be done.

  3. My son, daughter-in-law and their six children were eating a celebration dinner in a restaurant recently, and when they asked for the check, the waitress said a fellow diner had covered the cost. And on another memorable occasion my daughter and son-in-law and their family were at church before Christmas, left the diaper bag in the pew while they left for a few minutes, and when they got home and opened the diaper bag, they found a gift certificate for $75 from Target.

  4. I always give when people are collecting for various things, send my Girl Scout Cookies to soldiers, donate items to my community food bank and re-fill my vet’s chocolate supply after my cat has been for a visit. Since 45 has been in office, I’ve donated to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, too. I also do small things for an elderly friend who hasn’t a lot and is ill. As has been pointed out, I do them without expectation and I’m always on the look out for more…

  5. I love random acts of kindness…taking bags of candy to the ladies who work in the library…or something for the post mistress…giving items to the activity ladies at my mom’s nursing facility for them to give to other residents anonymously, handing out lottery tickets (scratch off) to people working on holidays…as Elizabeth said…always on the lookout for more…

  6. I gave my best mate £150 so she could get provisions in over Christmas when she was really struggling. I know what you mean about politicians ( I’m looking at you, Mr Un-President ), but there are millions of people who are simply appalled at the nasty hate that’s going round. And pushing back against it. I’m proud of your daughter for marching, Ms Shoestring.

  7. In January I found a previously-used ‘all day ticket’ for the bus, tucked into the side of the timetable-board. The ‘all day ticket’ costs £4 and anyone can use for as many in-town bus journeys as you like on a specific day. The usual cost for one journey of any length is £1.60. When I found the ticket it was only early evening on the same day, so I was able to use it to get home and not have to pay an additional fare. Very grateful to the kind person who did that! I had never thought of passing on unused portions of tickets in this way.

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