A lean Christmas?

The sun is out for the first time in what feels like weeks in Essex! So this will be a quick post as I  am off for a walk in it. It’s amazing how it lifts my mood.

imageThe Christmas decorations are going up at work. We always make a big effort to cheer the place up. Looks like it might be a lean Christmas though judging by our spare staff member! 🙂

I managed to to find a bargain in Sainsbury’s last night. They had 25% discount even on sale clothes, so I nabbed myself a bra for £12.75 that would have been £34 full price. Why are decent bras so expensive?

We are on a downhill run to the weekend now and we shall be getting our tree down from the loft and writing some cards. What are you up to at the weekend?

4 thoughts on “A lean Christmas?

  1. We are on a treadmill this weekend with activities. Tonight is the art walk in town plus the parade, Saturday I have a writers conference, Sunday guests for dinner, etc. etc. But I love it, and just plan to have fun! Decorating is done, cards are in the mail.

  2. Office party tonight, then decorating all weekend!
    Were hoping to be at the ‘slapping a bit of paint on’ stage long before now, but at least we’ve pretty much finished the destroying phase – I mean prepping stage, now! Will probably be putting the decorations up on bare plaster walls the week after next – if I can spare a moment to haul them out of the attic and actually do it! 😀

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