A Hair Raising Journey

I know my tyre looks completely bald, but honestly - it isn't!!

I know my tyre looks completely bald, but honestly – it isn’t!!

Myself, Mr Shoestring and darling daughter 3 drove from North Essex to London today, where DD2 is at university. She has just finished her first year actually and wanted us to collect most of her belongings as she has to move off campus. As it is her birthday tomorrow, we met her and her boyfriend at the Westfield Shopping Centre, and I treated everybody to lunch. We each had a huge plate of noodles from the Chinese street food stall, which worked out at about £9 each with a drink. This was pushing the boat out for me, but good value and we were all very full up afterwards.

As we were driving down, Mr S declared I had a stone or something in the car tyre. I had noticed an odd noise the day before, but by the time I had got home I forgot all about it. When we arrived, we checked and it turned out to be an enormous nail! The tyre was still inflated, but looking a bit flatter than is ideal. We had a debate….should we change the tyre ourselves which, from past experience, we knew might be difficult? They are hard to get off! Should we call the RAC, which would probably involve waiting around for hours? Or should we put a bit of air in it and take a slow drive home? We chose the latter, which was probably foolhardy but worked out for the best and we got home with no problems. I will have to take it to the tyre fitters and see if I can get a repair early tomorrow before work.

I seem to attract sharp objects to my tyres. It’s not that long since I had my last puncture – I reckon I have one a year at least!! I need to channel the energy to attract money into my bank account instead…

I resisted all of the shops in Westfield apart from Lakeland. I love that shop! I have been looking for a couple of suitable storage baskets to keep my recycling in before it gets taken outside and I found the perfect thing, for £5.00 each. They are plastic so easy to keep clean, and will look much smarter in my hallway than the current ones. I have been searching for ages so I was happy to find these.