A Good Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

I took the opportunity to catch up with my three daughters today. The two still at home came with me to London to meet DD2, who is there at university.

imageWe don’t do it much – the cost of rail tickets is prohibitively expensive and I don’t like driving into London. As a compromise, I drove to my sister’s house in Brentwood where we had a quick cup of tea and dumped the car, then we got the train to Stratford from there. I pre-booked the tickets and it worked out at less than £10 each return. It would have been £67 in total from Colchester!

I remember as a teen thinking nothing of hopping on the train from Brentwood to London, which in those days only cost a few pounds. Those were the good old days of subsidised state railways. It’s a shame that driving is now the cheapest option for getting to most places; it’s not very green and the roads into London are so congested it is a bit stressful. Buses aren’t much cheaper and take so long.

Still we had a lovely day window shopping and looking at prom dresses for DD3. Most way too expensive but she found out what suited her. I think we will try TK max and eBay!

The girls treated me to a Mother’s Day lunch and gave me a huge bunch of flowers too, so a lovely day. Shattered now though!