A Good Breakfast

We currently have a nice Swiss language student staying with us. I always find breakfast is tricky. You are supposed to offer some form of protein as part of the meal, but I don’t have time to start cooking eggs and bacon and in truth none of the students I have had so far have wanted anything more than a bowl of cereal or a bit of bread.

The latest visitor doesn’t even seem to want that much and only managed an orange juice yesterday!


Still I am trying to tempt her and this morning laid a few bits on the table. All from Aldi: granola, cornflakes, juice, and some nice little brioche rolls with jam or Nutella. If she doesn’t eat it the hungry hoards will!

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  1. AuntLeesie

    Sorry to be so late commenting… I recently was able to get free eggs and milk at the store (with purchase of other items), and made a huge batch of French toast (eggy bread) to store in the freezer for fast, microwaveable breakfasts. My guys loved it! So much so, that 36 pieces were gone in just over a week. Made some more yesterday. It took about 20 minutes total time. I’ll make strawberry sauce today from very ripe and also free strawberries with just a bit of sugar. Could that work for you?