A gem on our doorstep

I often think that people love to spend a fortune jetting all over the world yet don’t take the time to explore what there is on their doorstep. We often get out and about in the local area and I think I know it well. However, this morning I found something wonderful to see five miles down the road!

We went for a walk in the village of Copford, not far from Colchester. We wandered down to the lovely old church and discovered some very old painted frescos on the walls inside. They are fabulous! It is a lovely church with a wooden frame and some gorgeous stained glass. The roof and walls were restored in the nineties. What a great find.

Outside there was a sea of daffodils, absolutely stunning. It was a very windy day but sunny and we had walk past Copford Hall and into the woods. I recommend a visit if you are ever in the area.

We came home and went straight outside again to do a bit of pruning and tidying and to dig the second veggie patch. I worked up quite a sweat. Gardening is such good exercise and cheaper than the gym!

Keeping busy is stopping me worrying about my dad. My brother and sister took him to hospital today and they waited hours whilst they tried to find a bed for him. This makes me cross – it’s not as if they weren’t expecting him. He finally got a bed when they opened up a day centre as an extra ward. Here he is having his dinner. He won’t be able to eat after this as the op is tomorrow afternoon.

I think the NHS is wonderful but gravely under funded at the moment. Let’s hope they do a good job and we get him home safe and sound.

Back soon – have a great week.

14 thoughts on “A gem on our doorstep

  1. I totally agree about folks not discovering what’s on their doorstep. All the air travel has to be damaging to the environment too.
    I’m sorry your dad had to wait for a bed. I wonder wouldn’t it have been better for him to be admitted in the morning if he has an afternoon op? At least he got a tasty looking meal in the end. Hope all goes well for him tomorrow.

  2. I think people often fail to appreciate what is in their own locality. I worked with a woman who proudly told me that she had never seen anywhere in Britain that was further away than Birmingham Airport (about 15 miles) because she liked to do “proper travel in the sun.” This apparently meant Spain and Portugal but nowhere else. How sad.
    Last year I stayed in hospital for the first time in 20 years, other than a couple of day-patient visits. I couldn’t fault the staff or the care and even the food was very acceptable. However, four years ago I took on a three month interim HR post in a hospital and even in that short time I was appalled at the waste of money and inefficiency that I witnessed. I really do believe that poor management and processes is a greater problem than inadequate funding.

  3. Having lived abroad and travelled as a younger person, I agree with you. People neither appreciate their own locality nor the benefits of travel beyond their borders and I’ve encountered many in the US who have no real idea what goes on or where things are situated geographically elsewhere in the world.

    Best to your Dad and I hope he recovers quickly. Glad your mother is doing well.
    I was wondering whether you’ve had people assume you to be in desperate financial straits simply because you’re frugal? That situation came up for me the other day simply because I was speaking of the difference in cleaning supplies costs and what I was able to get at a deep discounter (equivalent to Pound Land)…Enjoy your week and thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. With me it’s more that people assume that as I’m not in financial dire straits I can afford to do things I really can’t (a girls holiday in Goa was a recent example, £800…)

      • I can empathise here, Jane. Some of my friends who are retired regularly suggest that I give up work so that I can join in with more of their outings. They seem totally unable to appreciate that I work because I need to.

      • Thanks! It really depends on one’s perception of “need” versus “want.” I prefer the security of an emergency fund myself. Best to you and your parents.

  4. I’ve been to Copford and the murals are truly amazing. Lucky you to live so close!
    I hope your Dad’s treatment goes ok.

  5. Totally agree with you about what we have to offer in this country. My dream is to own a camper van and just travel the length and breadth of our island home! In the meantime I have to make do with all the TV programmes on on offer instead!

    All the best for your dad’s op tomorrow. xxx

  6. Have been aware of you and your family today and hope that your dad’s op went ahead and was successful.
    It’s very hard for you and for them that these ops came so close together.

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