A freebie!

We have managed to get a new comfy sofa, donated by a friend. It’s old actually but new to us. It needs a good steam clean but is otherwise sound. It will replace my old leather three seater, which looks smart but is not very comfortable at all.

imageSo we now have two sofas in the lounge with a third in the middle of the room (the pic shows the old one with the new one behind). I am hoping that somebody will take it from my local Freegle group. They need to do it in the next few days as I am going on holiday on Friday! I have had three requests for pix but they need to have suitable transport. If this doesn’t happen we will have to break it up to get it to the tip, which will be a great shame as there is plenty of wear in it yet.

So let’s hope Freegle does its magic. It is a very good organisation that works the same as Freecycle. I have given and received so much stuff over the years, saving me lots of money and solving the problem of what to do with large items I no longer need.

If you haven’t found your local group yet I urge you to do so – just Google it!