A Christmas Wrap

No don’t worry, I’m not turning into Eminem. I am impressed with myself for starting to wrap all the Christmas presents last night. I had a big pile of shiny packages after an hour, but then I had had enough. At least I have made a start.

It's a wrap

It’s a wrap

Fortunately I had a great bit of TV to keep me entertained as I was wrapping: The Lost Honour of Christopher Jeffries, about the landlord of a poor girl who was murdered in Bristol a few years ago. He suffered trial by the media: they crucified him. Because he was a somewhat unusual and eccentric character and, as the victim’s landlord had a key to her flat, they decided he was guilty, as did the police. I remember thinking at the time, ‘What happened to innocent until proved guilty?’ Part two is tonight and I will watch it whilst doing the ironing. What an exciting life I lead!

I also checked my bank balance and had to transfer some of my Christmas fund over to my current account. I need to start pulling back on the throttle now as I don’t want to overspend.

imageI bought some more flour yesterday for my gluten free baking experiments. Some rice flour and a self raising blend. I intend to do some baking using my new books, which both look fab. Can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Wrap

  1. Jane, I know what you mean by pulling back on the throttle a bit, but I do have a few gifts to still secure for a couple of parties and special events. Good luck with your gluten free cooking!

  2. I didn’t start buying pressies until the middle of last week but have more or less finished and I’m hoping DH will give me a hand with the wrapping this weekend. Because things have been a bit rushed this year after the sad distraction of MIL’s funeral last month meaning an unplanned stay in Wales, I haven’t even started on writing my cards yet, although most of the food has been bought and I think I’m doing quite well after such a late start. Like you I need to start reigning in the spending now. Most of the Xmas shopping will be covered by the money from my sealed savings tins (I’d stashed away £338 in change this year) and my Morrisons savings stamps but I’ve still spent about £100 extra that I hadn’t budgeted for. Some belt tightening is in order as soon as the silly season is over. Good luck with your gluten-free cooking, I know Frugal Queen has had mixed results with hers.

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