A cheap packed lunch 

I can’t believe I am still using up various cheeses from Christmas. It is quite nice to have a bit of Brie in my sandwich at work as I wouldn’t usually buy it except as a treat. 

Every day I take a pot of home made soup, half a bake-at-home baguette filled with whatever needs using or sometimes just butter, and some fruit. The baguettes are really cheap from Aldi – they cost 45p for two and I only have half. So my lunch costs about 11p for the bread,the soup is made with mostly home grown veg so is probably only around 10p a cup and a couple of pieces of fruit – 50p? With a bit of cheese let’s say approximately 70-80p for a very nice satisfying packed lunch. Not bad I think for my low spend January! 

I have some chocolate rice cakes if I need an afternoon snack. Theses are sooooo nice! They cost 95p for four, so my treat is a little cheaper Han anything from the vending machine at 80p an item. Lower in calories too at only 93 per bar.

I could spend £3 on a sandwich from the shop, 60p for a bag of crisps, £2 for a coffee and get an 80p chocolate bar – £5-6 a day? Over £1000 a year? Nah, don’t think so …

4 thoughts on “A cheap packed lunch 

  1. Simple math yields common sense. I’m an avid lunch packer for me as well. Many of us must have over bought cheese at Christmas. I’m still eating down my supply and it will last all of January I believe.

  2. If you have a microwave at work, a mug omelette is a cheap lunch too. Take with you a few mushrooms chopped mushrooms in a mug sprayed with a bit of oil. When you’re ready for lunch, crack 2 eggs in the mug and beat. Place in microwave for 2 mins. Nice with that half a baguette!

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