A cheap lunch

Rushing about today. Already been into town to collect my new glasses (varifocals – struggling with them right now!), get my hair cut and buy a few more Christmas presents. I will save the rest for Black Friday next week.

I am having a cheap and easy lunch of sardines on toast. I love this. It’s old fashioned I know but healthy and 29p a tin from Lidl. I am trying to eat more oily fish and this is a good way to do so. Now I am having a quick clean through as I have another possible lodger coming to look at the room later. Then we are having a family dinner and off with Mr S and all three of my girls to see the new JK Rowling movie. More tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “A cheap lunch

  1. Loved sardines on toast until l developed an intolerance to wheat

    Best of luck with varifocals. I tried them earlier this year after getting fed up of cutting and faffing, taking off and putting on different glasses dependant upon what I was looking at. The tip I was given of point your noise at what you want to read, had me driven round the bend. After 6weeks I went back and the glasses were given a tilt. That lasted two weeks after which I gave up altogether and went back and got the pair made into reading glasses and persevered with an old pair of distance glasses.

    The optician at no time told me that I could return the glasses. I found this out from work colleaguewhosemumgot her money back. I really hope they work for you but if you find yourself struggling bear this in mind. Best of luck


    • Please persevere with the specs! I bought varifocals in April and it took me a good 3 months to feel comfortable with them but now I wouldn’t go back. The best thing about them is I don’t have to keep taking them on and off when at work as a nurse and dropping them into all sorts of unmentionables! And leaving them on patient’s bedside tables! Lost a pair of my pink framed ones one night shift and tried to find them in the dark unsuccessfully. Found them at dawn perched on the nose of a chap who had groped around in the half light when he wanted to have a read. That was a moment to remember!

  2. I wear varifocal glasses and found I needed a few weeks to get used to them. They don’t suit everyone though. Good luck with the lodger hope it goes well x

  3. We enjoy sardines on toast but we pour off the oil and stir in a little ketchup . For Curly Top- can’t you enjoy them as a topping on a baked potato or sweet potato/yam?

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