A cheap lunch, 89p

I never understand why my colleagues, who are always complaining about a lack of money, don’t pack a lunchbox instead of spending at least a fiver on stuff from the supermarket on their way into work.

lunch box 2Today, as usual, I packed lunches for myself and my two daughters. I have just worked out the cost, and at 89p you can’t go wrong! The girls prefer white bread, and we allow ourselves a chocolate biscuit, but other than that I think it is pretty healthy. I never skimp on fruit and we have two pieces each. Today we had:

Cheese and ham sandwich (two pieces of Kingsmill 50-50 from Aldi at 5.5p a slice; half a piece of ham at 12.5p; a slice of cheese, about 7p)

A banana (12.5p) and an orange (18p)

An Aldi wrapped chocolate biscuit (12p)

An Aldi fromage frais tube (10p)

Bottle of orange squash (Aldi concentrated – about 6p – in a reusable drinks bottle)

Mine actually came to a massive £1.10, as I can’t eat too much dairy and had a Provomel chocolate dessert at 31p instead of the fromage frais. Tomorrow we will have an Aldi large white roll instead of bread, and they work out at 13p each.

Even school dinners are expensive compared to this! My daughter would have to spend at least £3 and still take a drink with her.

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  1. Baroness Prudent Spending

    Hi Jane. First time on your site. Totally agree about taking lunch to the office. I’m guilty of buying when I am rushed or tired or forgetful. But bringing something simple makes a world of difference (save money, know what’s in your food). ~ Pru