A Cheap Hair Do

My friend told me she spent £80 to get her hair cut and coloured. £80!!! I do always try to get a good deal on a haircut. I visited my local salon just before Christmas and paid £28, which is a lot for me. The time before I got the junior to do it and that cost £10. Because I have long hair I can make a hair cut last 3 months and I cut my own fringe in between times.

HairHowever, I would never pay to get my hair coloured professionally – it is so easy to do it myself! I did yesterday morning and it took about half an hour to touch up my roots. And the best bit? It cost me £1.85!

I bought my usual colour from Home Bargains for £3.69. I mixed up half of it in my hairdressers bowl (which cost a few pounds from Boots eons ago with the application brush) and put the other half away for next time (it is fine to do this as long as you don’t mix the colour and developer together). I usually start at the top and section my hair off, brushing on the dye systematically. I even manage to do the back. I can get away with half a pack of dye because I only do the roots each time. If I was changing colours I would probably need a pack and a half.

I think it looks ok! Well, people don’t laugh at me in the street 🙂

When I worked part-time I used to go and get my hair cut by the students at the local college – it cost £6.50 at the time for a cut and blow dry! I never had a bad haircut because the tutors were constantly checking the students’ work. It did take a whilst though – up to 2 hours – which is why I can’t do it anymore. If you are having to pinch every penny, I really recommend investigating to find your nearest hair and beauty college.

Even if I had lots of money, I’m not sure I could spend £80 on my hair…