A busy and profitable weekend

imageWhat a busy couple of days! I’m officially shattered.

I spent much of yesterday dragging boxes and furniture into and out of a hired van helping my daughter and her best mate move into their new home. It’s a lovely little Victorian terrace in the centre of town. It is painted in neutral colours so it very quickly started looking nice. I went back today and they had unpacked all the downstairs rooms and had the pictures on the walls and the curtains up. It looked gorgeous and really homely.

Because it was muddy and wet out, there was a lot of muck on my floors by the time we had been in and out loads of times so I had to start cleaning as soon as I got home.

The minute I sat down DD2 turned up from university with her boyfriend, so I had to sort them out with dinner and have a catch up. Thank goodness there was a nice glass of red wine handy to help me recover from all the effort!

imageThis morning I taught a yoga class for one of my fellow tutors. This was nice as the sun was shining through the windows and I had a full class of enthusiastic yogis, including Mr S who came along for the ride.

DD2 declared we must ‘do something fun’ this afternoon, so we decided on a walk around Wivenhoe, a lovely little town on the estuary about 5 miles from colchester, followed by tea and cake in a small coffee shop.

I was determined to find some time this weekend to list some of the clothes I have been collecting on eBay so I have been doing that this evening and have 13 items listed for sale so far. Many of these cost me 99p from my local charity shop so I should make a few pounds from them. I also picked up a couple of designer dresses that were displayed badly quite cheaply on eBay. I paid £6 each and have them listed for £25. I have made an effort to make them look good so hopefully they will sell and make me a nice profit!image

I’m hoping for a quieter day tomorrow. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest after all 🙂

How is your weekend so far?