A birthday celebration

Such a busy day today! We are going away for Mr S’s birthday on Tuesday, so thought we would have a few friends and family round for dinner today. He said he didn’t want a fuss, but you’re not 50 every day so I had to give him a little  bit of a treat 😀. 

I have been cooking all day – an Indian themed dinner, as it is easy to feed a crowd with curries and rice. I have made a chicken curry, lentil dahl, saag aloo and a chick pea curry, with some naans, poppadums and dips. I have three vegetarians and a coeliac amongst the guests and Indian food is frequently vegetarian and gluten free anyway, so it seemed a good choice.

A friend at work made a birthday cake, a splendid lemon and lime extravaganza with piped meringue and buttercream. I hope it tastes as good as it looks. I have also made a gluten free chocolate cake using the Betty Crocker mix I found in Aldi the other day. It looks nice so I shall be interested to see how it tastes. 

I have made enough to feed a small army so I hope they are hungry.  I will let you know how it goes!

12 thoughts on “A birthday celebration

  1. Margaret Powling

    Many Happy Returns to Mr Shoestring! My husband had his 80th a couple of years ago and I arranged an afternoon tea party, but I love what you have done, an Indian-themed party, and my goodness, that cake looks wonderful! Sae me a slice, pleeeeze! Well, if Mr Shoestring doesn’t mind! It’s his cake after all! Have a lovely party, and hope you have a wonderful get-away break on Tuesday.
    Margaret P

    1. shoestringjane@outlook.com Post author

      Margaret, there was definitely enough for you. The slices were huge!

  2. Eloise at. thisissixty.blog

    Happy birthday to Mr Shoestring!
    I’m sure your guests will appreciate your lovely curries. I lim entertaining but it is hard work. A holiday is just the thing to chill out and relax after the celebrations. Enjoy. X

  3. Chris

    Happy birthday to Mr Shoestring. Yum it all sounds deeelicious would love all the recipes. Have a great time and a lovely break away. x

  4. Tania

    Happy birthday Mr Shoestring, hope your day has been good. That cake looks mighty tasty and I hope it was. Well done Mrs Shoestring on your beautiful menu.

  5. Julia

    Happy birthday Mr Shoestring!
    I hope the party went well (the food and cake look super) and wish you both a lovely relaxing time on holiday.

    1. shoestringjane@outlook.com Post author

      The cake was divine. I think it might have contained a few calories though …


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