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New bargain fashion

I received my parcel from Everythingthing5pounds yesterday. It was all very nicely packaged – they use their packing as an advertising opportunity, as you can see.

I purchased 4 items. I am most happy with a black cold shoulder top. The label says Portfolio, which I think is Marks and Spencer.  I also bought a long cotton summer skirt, originally New Look, a floral vest top and a pretty long sleeved black top. I’m not sure where these were from originally. Annoyingly, I seem to have purchased the wrong size as the black top is an 8 and way too small. Never mind – the labels are attached so I will stick it on eBay and get my money back.

Would I use the site again? Yes, definitely.  I won’t browse now though – I have spent enough this month and I need to focus on making money, not spending it.

Second-hand bargain fashion

Talking of which, I bought a second hand pair of leather sandals the other day at a bargain price of £15. They were lovely quality and I was disappointed that they were too big. I listed them straight back on eBay at a cheeky £20 and they sold immediately 😀. I also sold a pair of Skechers that I bought used for the same price I paid for them. You can never tell how shoes will sell but sporty sandals are doing ok so if you are having a clear out they are the ones to list! Three things to pack and post from yesterday; as well as the shoes I sold a lovely little dress from Next.

Let’s hope the sales continue. I will be out at the weekend looking for more bargains to sell on!

(BTW this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.)

5 thoughts on “Bargain fashion from

  1. They really do sound bargains! Unlike the budgie jumper I bought (online, I’d not felt the material) from George (Asda.) I wore it once, it went baggy. I washed it and it went like a rag. OK, it was only £14, but I expected more than one wear out of it. I took it to the charity shop and explained I didn’t think it was fit for them to sell it but it could go to shoddy for making into something else.
    What I have found to be a bargain is a box of lovely Botanicum Postcards which accompany the lovely book Botanicum in the Welcome to the Museum series (ideally for children but so good adults will enjoy them, too.) They were £5.16 online and with the postage came to £7.96. This might seem a lot but there are 50 postcards and, really, I am sure they would be ideal even for birthday cards or even thank you notes (around about 16p each.) And they are really beautiful. They sold originally at £12.99 but I found them for £5.16 online.
    Have a good frugal weekend!
    Margaret P

    • I would have returned to asda and asked for a refund. They are pretty good if you complain

      • Cathy, I bought it online and really, for the cheap price, I really couldn’t be bothered. I thought, “buy cheap and that is what you get.” I know to a lot of people £14 isn’t all that cheap, but when you consider the people who have to make a profit – the people who make the cloth, the manufacturer, the transport haulier, George at Asda, etc, the quality surely must suffer when something is as cheap as that? However, I have bought M&S long-sleeved T-shirts, though, for much the same price and they have been fine, which means that not all cheap things are from poor quality cloth and badly made and don’t withstand washing.

  2. I bought them via Amazon, Jane. They are Botanicum Postcards (Welcome to the Museum) Cards. I bought them from a supplier called Arts n Crafts Books, and they have some new for £5.16 plus p&p. They are lovely, in an attractive box. They go with the book Botanicum which I have done a blog post on. I can’t actually get onto my own blog at the moment, and mightn’t be able to for the whole weekend, as my computer man is doing some work regarding servers, but I hope to have my site working (from my point of view) from early next week again. I think others will be able to see it, but I won’t be able to respond for a while. But do have a look at a couple of posts ago and you will see the book Botanicum.
    Hope this helps.
    Margaret P

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