It’s all going on!

I was so tired last night I slept for 9 and a half hours solid. This is almost unheard of. I generally limp along on about 7, which isn’t enough! So this is what normal people feel like? Alert and full of energy. I must try it more often😀.

I blame the clocks going back. That always messes up my body clock. The problem is that if I go to bed at 9pm every night I would never get anything done. I will aim for 10.30.

We had a fun day at work on Monday for Halloween. The thing I like most about working where I do is the people. We all really went for it with our monthly dress down/up day. I transformed myself into a zombie by ripping up an old t shirt and covering it in fake blood and some cheap make up from B&M. Some commented I looked better than usual 😀.

We don’t mind visits from the littlies in our street so always put a pumpkin out. I had a big tin of sweets from Aldi but I had so many small vampires, princesses and ghouls they were gone in half an hour so I had to bring the pumpkin in and hide! 😜

Still waiting on news regarding my dad. He has two potentially fatal illnesses unfortunately and will need an operation and some kind of cancer treatment but we don’t know exactly what is required yet. Hopefully all will be ok but it’s a bit worrying. 

Mr S’s mum is also still in hospital and will be for some weeks whilst she mends. She will need a lot of physio to regain her independence.

All we can do is knuckle down and carry on and hope the NHS does a good job on them both. Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “It’s all going on!

  1. I know what you mean about limping along on not enough sleep too. Trouble is, like you said, if you go to bed too early you get nothing done in the evenings, and what’s more if I went to bed before 10.30 or 11 I would be up and wide awake around 4.30. It’s trial and error isn’t it. Still, I do enjoy my long sleeps at the weekend and usually a siesta. Bliss. Roll on retirement is all I say when I can follow my natural body rhythm. And I hope Mr S’ mom and your dad are doing better. Anna

  2. A good nights sleep cures so much, but the opposite is true. Love the Halloween costume and yes, get some rest.

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