Pop art and a walk in the park

  We had a great day on Sunday. The sun decided to shine at last, which always helps. Often on Sunday we will make a visit somewhere for a walk or to a local attraction. This time we decided to be as local as we could be and headed to colchester’s First Site gallery to see the Andy Warhol pop art exhibition there.

  I don’t know much about art but I loved it, both Andy Warhol’s pieces and the work of a Colchester born artist called Katie Stewart. So vibrant and an interesting take on popular culture. It was a free exhibition too – a bonus for us frugal types!

We had a lovely walk through the Castle Park afterwards which was full of blossom and flowers.

Our new French student arrived on Saturday evening. She is very sweet but it was a bit of a shock as we were told she was 16 and she is, in fact, 12! I am not comfortable having students this young as I work full time and they have to get themselves about on the bus. I travelled with her on Monday to show her which stop to get on and off at. This made me late for work but I wasn’t happy to leave her to her own devices. I fought through the traffic to collect her after as well but I can’t do this every day so this morning she got herself there and will take the bus back too. I haven’t heard anything so I assume all is well! 

It is hard work hosting students! I am thinking of just getting a lodger. Then they can look after themselves. Anyone any experience of this?