Less meat, more tomatoes!

  The garden is all about the tomatoes at the moment . The absolute best ones for cooking are definitely the huge beef heart ones. Full of delicious juiciness and flavour! The plum tomatoes have been a bit of a disappointment though. As they are the variety used in tins I thought they would be the juiciest but I was wrong. They don’t have much flavour or yield a lot of juice. Not to worry. Yesterday I mixed them up with the better varieties to freeze some for soups and stews later. I just removed the skins in boiling water, chopped them up and put them in old plastic containers in the freezer. 
  It’s a shame my student doesn’t like tomatoes as she and DD3 have between them been almost keeping up with our huge crop of cucumbers. We have never had such a fantastic number and they are really big! As I have a week off I shall pickle some in the next few days.

We have been eating lots of our own spinach, runner beans, courgettes and potatoes too. I made a yummy pasta on Saturday with mushrooms and spinach and no one seemed to worry about the lack of meat for once. I am not a huge meat fan and would eat very little if I was only feeding myself but Mr S and DD3 feel hard done by if they eat too much veggie food. At least they both enjoy all the veg too.

I think we should all eat less meat both for our health, bank balances and the environment so I shall continue to offer meatless meals at least twice a week!

With all this fresh home grown veg around this shouldn’t be difficult …