A Girl Called Jack recipe book

Look what my daughter found for me in the charity shop for 99p:


Most of you will have come across Jack’s interesting and unique blog (if you haven’t then take a look: www.agirlcalledjack.com), with its mixture of politics, opinion and nutritious budget recipes. She has her detractors; the usual mix of malicious trolls and others who don’t like the fact that she is no longer a single mum struggling to feed her son on £10 a week, or maybe that she is a mouthy lesbian with the guts to tell the politicians how it is. Her intelligent, inspiring and, above all, honest blog has led to a book deal (she is on her second), an appearance in an advert for Sainsbury’s, a regular column in the Guardian and various interviews in the media.

As a fellow Essex girl, I wish Jack well. I think she is great and I hope she is allowed to continue to be successful without too much of a backlash.

Some of the recipes look pretty good too. I will definitely be trying her sausage and lentil one pot dinner, diet coke chicken, easy chicken satay and fishy cakes. I will report back!


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