Dreams of a camper van …

I very rarely go into town but yesterday I had to go and get my passport photos done.  I am hoping to go somewhere next year, no idea where yet and it will need to be cheap – maybe camping in France – but I don’t want a last minute scrabble to renew my passport.

imageI had a quick look around the shops and charity shops but didn’t find much. Then I went into New Look and found some short boots reduced from £35 to £17. I needed some new ones as my others, inherited from DD3, have developed a hole and are looking a bit the worse for wear. Bargain! I am very happy with them and they are pretty comfortable too.

I spent an hour yesterday looking through my pension paperwork. I have 4 different pots, all public sector pensions. We are thinking about releasing 25% when I am 55 to pay off the mortgage and buy a little camper van. This has been my dream for as long as I can remember. I will still have a decent pension pot but this will help us now. It’s only 3 years away!!

This will do ...

This will do …

I just want to travel; it’s what I enjoy doing. It doesn’t have to be abroad as there are lots of places in the uk we want to explore. So that’s the dream. Wouldn’t it be great to make it a reality!

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  1. we bought a campervan over a year ago now, when we both decided to retire early (or earlier than our pensions come through anyway). We’ve really enjoyed it, so much fun and in all this time we’ve managed not to go on a campsite at all. We’ve been to Scotland, Islay, Yorkshire, Wales, Dorset, and more locally in Norfolk & suffolk. It’s only a small one, we didn’t want an ‘icecream wagon’, just big enough for the two of us and discreet enough to park or drive anywhere, with a pull out bed under the rear seat, (of a make like your picture but a more modern version with a high top). Makes all the difference, means you can stand up in it to cook and has more overhead storage – do go for a high top one if you can. Good luck.

  2. I have friends who bought an Adventurewagon, like a station wagon, no longer, but fully equipped to camp in, complete with fold out bits for shade when picnicking, etc., and they’ve driven all over the US with it, visiting folks all over the place, me twice. And they take their pets along, a big plus for everyone.

    At one point they had to be sure animals were leashed in order to have them walk, so they leashed their cat to their border collie dog, and she walked the cat! the border collie was smarter than a lot of humans!

    So I’d say go for it! they’ve had wonderful times.

  3. Specific goals are so, SO important. I was just talking to a friend this week about frugal burn out. There has to be a “pay off”–at least for me–to scrimping, cutting back and saving, and it often feels like I’m a hamster on a wheel. She was saying she feels like she’s struggling financially and there’s never an end to it. I was commiserating. So, Jane, you’ve inspired me! Talked to DH this morning and I’m going to start a separate savings account towards a car for travelling when we’re empty nesters!

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